Be aware about FBI ransomware that has been widely discussed on the Internet these days (you can also find it named as The FBI Federal Bureau Investigation scam or Moneypak virus). If you have also been infected with this threat, you will know how annoying this parasite is – it not only blocks its victims down so that they can’t do anything on their computers but also asks to pay a certain fee if they want to unlock the computer. You must keep in mind that paying from such scams like FBI ransomware is the same and giving your wallet for scammers. Instead of doing that, we highly recommend to remove FBI ransomware from your computer.

The first sign you are caught by this scamware is an alert titled ‘FBI Federal Bureau Investigation’. Trying to mislead you, it claims that your PC is blocked because of violating Copyright and Related Rights Law. In addition, it declares that you have been illegally using or even distributing copyrighted content, viewing porno videos, spreading malware and doing other things. The second sign you are infected with FBI ransomware is finding your computer locked and being disabled from doing anything on it.

In order to unlock the machine, FBI ransomware offers to pay a 100$ fine for all this ‘illegal activity’ found on your computer. It offers to do that through MoneyPak. However, you must ignore such offer because it is a total scam trying to scare you into giving your money away. Firstly, FBI never sends such emails informing about law violation and locks computers down. Secondly, it does not collect the fines in this way. It should be clear that instead of paying the fine you must remove FBI ransomaware from your computer. While it is still completely locked, follow this guide explaining how to unlock your computer and remove FBI ransomware from the system.