Searchnu is a browser toolbar for website, which belongs to the IAC Search & Media, Inc. This company has many popular domains, and the most popular one is itself is a search engine which allows users to advertise themselves through sponsored ads.

Why is Searchnu bad?

Searchnu itself can be classified as a browser hijacker, because it modifies browser configuration without user permission. It changes the default search engine to and redirects all search queries through

If you would try to search for more information about searchnu on the Internet, you would find that people are asking about how to remove it. Additionally, it is distributed through various freeware programs, like mp3 converters, codecs or programs, which are featured on CNET.

How did I get searchnu on my computer?

Most of the times searchnu installs as a bundle with other programs that can be found on freeware software bundles. If you don’t read the license agreement and see what checkbox is checked when you install new software to your computer – you can easily get browser hijackers like Searchnu to your computer.

Typically it installs Searchnu toolbar, and Then it changes your browser settings to make your default search engine and default homepage on all browsers. Additionally, if you try to search for something on other search engines, it redirects queries through

Why my antivirus program didn’t clean searchnu toolbar?

The answer is simple – it’s not really a virus. Searchnu is installed by the user, and everything is written in the license agreement – you agree to make changes to your browser. It can be classified as potentially dangerous or potentially unwanted application, but it doesn’t do any malicious activity or install something without your consent.

How to get rid of Searchnu?

Manual removal of this browser hijacker isn’t easy. You will have to remove every single component which was installed by freeware bundle and you will have to change your browser settings back to default. Additionally, you will need to remove plugin from every browser in your computer separately. However, we recommend using reputable and legitimate anti-spyware software which will do the job for you with one click. Best program to remove Searchnu is Spyhunter, but we recommend using other removers, like Malwarebytes Anti Malware or Spyware Doctor too.