Blekko Redirect is a browser hijacker that means serious problems for every Internet user. As soon as it gets inside the system, your default search provider will be replaced by page, which is legitimate but full of spam and misleading commercials. All these redirections will also be followed by Blekko toolbar installed without asking a permission. Note that this toolbar can’t be uninstalled by simply using the ‘Uninstall” button on Add/Remove programs list.

As you can clearly see, Blekko Redirect virus means forgetting all your normal search engines and finishing your typical browsing session on You can get infected with this redirect virus from infected websites unnoticeably embedding various kinds of viruses into a visitor’s PCs. In addition, it can also be spread through spam emails and as a component together with freeware programs. The reason why Blekko Redirect is distributed is the money which is paid by owners for each visitor. Though the amount of money is small, scammers can’t resist gaining some cash.

If you haven’t installed the Blekko toolbar on your computer and you are annoyed to death by its continuous redirections to its page, you should remove Blekko Redirect virus without any delay. However, you may find it difficult because of the uninstaller which is not included. So, in order to get rid of this virus for good, we recommend following this Blekko Redirect removal guide.