PortaldoSites.com seems to be very active these days because there are many users who ask us how they could get rid of this annoying search engine from their browsers. The secret behind its appearance is that it is closely dependent on the browser hijacker, which tends to hijack each of Internet browsers that are installed on the PC, including not only Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, but Safari as well. In addition, it alters the start page and default search engine in order to make its victims use PortaldoSites.com for their search sessions every time they start browsing on the Internet. We don’t recommend using this search engine for several reasons: it tracks its victims, shows altered search results that can easily redirect people to unwanted and, more important, infected websites. Besides, it owners fold any kind of responsibility for that.

How can I get infected with PortaldoSites.com redirect virus?

You can get infected with PortaldoSites.com redirect virus if you don’t pay attention to safe browsing practices. That means you like visiting websites filled with adult content, use freeware or simply open spam. If you want to prevent such infections, you should avoid these things and also install updated anti-spyware. As soon as it attacks the system, it modifies browser’s settings, and changes start page with default search engine. So, it seems that this website is prepared to compete with such powerful search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Please, do NOT ignore these changes that have been described previously. You should follow this guide and get rid of PortaldoSites.com for good.