0x80072efd Error Code in Windows 10 Store

After Window 10 update – 0x80072efd Error Code when connect to Windows 10 Store

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    Thank you for your report. The Error Code 0x80072edf in Windows 10 is generally referred to as Windows Update error. That‘s because usually, it occurs when accessing Windows Update section in Settings and trying to check for updates.

    The culprit of the error is usually related to the connection problems or failure of Windows update components. In most of the cases, the same error can prevent Windows Store, Cortana, and Internet Explorer from running normally.

    Therefore, to fix the 0x80072edf error, you should try to disable Proxy connection and reset Windows Update components in the first place. You can find thorough instructions on this post.

    In case these methods did not help, you may also try the fixes directed to Windows Store service. How to Fix Windows Store Error?


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