0x80071771 error fixes don’t work

I have taken every step you specified here to solve 0x80071771 error but to no avail. After using “command prompt” the result was those files could not be decrypted. What else can I do?


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    UGetFix.com says:

    It is unfortunate that our 0x80071771 error fix guide did not work for you. To be precise, many users experience the same problem, as their files remain encrypted even after applying the fixes.

    There is, however, a couple of other things you could try. First of all, let's make sure that the folder you are trying to access is not set to read-only mode:

    • Right-click on the folder you are trying to access and pick Properties
    • Go to the General tab and check if the "Read-only" option is ticked. If so, make sure you remove the tick (Administrator's privileges required)
    • Click Apply and then OK

    Unfortunately, there are no other options for the problem - you should contact a qualified IT support to deal with your particular case if other options do not work.

    Good luck,
    Ugetfix team

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