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Issue: How can I optimize computer's performance

Hello everyone. I’ve had my computer for at least a couple of years and it has become significantly slower during the time. Is there a way to improve its performance or should I consider buying a new one?

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Optimize now! Optimize now!
Unique technology of Reimage recovers system with fresh files and can seriously revive the life of your machine. The free scanner will let you know which parts of your system need to be optimized. To restore your computer's peak performance, you have to purchase licensed version of Reimage Reimage repair software.

computer's performance snapshotWell, a new computer will certainly work faster. However, as the time goes by, it will start to slow down as well. Therefore, before considering this option, we would advice you to give the last chance to your computer by optimizing its performance. There are certain tweaks that should do the trick. We are pretty sure that they will work and thus are worth sharing.

How can I optimize computer’s performance manually?

Well, there are at least three options you should try in order to restore your computer’s former glory and good performance. Just read these tips and try them yourself.

1. Clean your computer. Literally.

While you think that your computer might be slow because its OS is cluttered with various files, outdated applications and other what-nots you have not used for quite a while, your hardware is also not getting any younger, sitting here and collecting dust which, we are almost 100% sure, you have not bothered to clean. You can clean your hardware components with compressed air (but never with a vacuum cleaner!!!). Do it yourself or if you are afraid that some of the spare parts might be left when you reassemble your computer, then trust it to the professionals. Believe it or not, this method might be enough to boost your computer’s performance significantly. However, there’s so much more you can do for your old friend.

2. Delete programs you don’t use any longer

So now we are back inside the OS and we start the cleaning here as well. If you go to Control Panel and open the list of the Programs you do actually have on your computer, you might be surprised by the length of this list and some of the items on it. Show no mercy to programs you have not used for a while and you are not planning to use any time in the future. Delete everything that is redundant, because programs take space and consequently, slow down the performance of your computer.

3. Upgrade the physical memory

There’s another quick and simple upgrade which does not cost a thing and might make a huge difference, so if the physical memory (RAM) on your computer is less than 4GB, you can upgrade it to the maximum allowed amount and enjoy even better performance almost immediately.

How can I optimize computer’s performance automatically?

While we cannot offer an automated solution to clean dust off your hardware, we can take proper care of your OS by optimizing its work. While you can do most of these things manually, remember that you will have to perform each task separately. Therefore, consider downloading a specialized tool like ReimageRegCure Pro (Windows OS) or MacKeeper (Mac OS X) which will perform a full system scan and boost your system’s performance instantly and in one go.

Optimize your system and make it work more efficiently

Optimize your system now! If you don't want to inspect your computer manually and struggle with trying to find issues that are slowing it down, you can use optimization software listed below. All these solutions have been tested by team to be sure that they help improve the system. To optimize your computer with only one click, select one of these tools:

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computer optimizer Happiness
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Your problem remained?
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