How to fix Error Code 36 in Mac?

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Issue: How to fix Error Code 36 in Mac?

All of a sudden I am getting an error code 36 when I try to copy a particular folder from one location on my MacBook Pro’s internal HDD to another location. (I copy and paste folders from my documents to my drop box folder on a daily basis as a backup method and this has never happened before, but now it’s happening every time. ) I have tried a reboot. Should I be worried?? What can be done to fix Error Code 36 on Mac OS X?

Thanks in advance!

Solved Answer

Error Code 36 snapshotActually, users, especially those who are using Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.2, commonly face this problem related to file copying. Usually, Error Code 36, which is usually read as “The Finder can’t complete the operation because some data in “FileName” can’t be read or written. (Error code -36)” shows up when the user attempts to copy and paste a group of files. It’s not very likely to occur when switching the location of a single file. Mac users may also receive an Error Code 36 while copying data to your USB drivers. It will allow to copy a single file; nevertheless, it will not allow to drag a whole folder at once.

It is assumed that the problem stems from the “.underscore” files that Mac OS X’s HFS+ filesystem creates for files when they are placed in FAT16 or FAT32 volumes. Such concealed files starting with the ‘._’ symbols followed by the original file name follow the command to go along with the main file’s data. The main problem arises when certain folders from the volumes that are compatible with Windows are moved to a Mac and then back. In this case, the files are corrupted and the Error Code 36 starts occurring.

We believe that inability to change the location of folders and groups of files is a miserable experience since this process is by far the most commonly executed during the work with a Mac or computer. Therefore, you should not delay Error Code 36 fix. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to do that. The most reliable way is to you check your Mac with MacKeeper or another reputable application that is set to deal with registries and solve various errors in Macs.

How to fix Error Code 36 in Mac manually

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Although automatic Error Code 36 fix is the most reliable solution recommended by Mac experts, it’s possible to fix this error manually. Of course, this requires time and effort. The first thing that you have to do is to create a new folder, copy it to the desktop and then move back to the drive. If you receive an Error Code 36, then there is no doubt that there are some problems on your Mac. In this case, you should:

  • Check permissions and sharing options. For that, go to the Permission and Sharing Options. Make sure that your account has access to these files and set the permission to ‘Everyone’.
  • After that, check the external media whether the connection is stable.
  • In addition, try to copy files after switching to Safe Mode.
  • Moreover, try to drag your files without using the finder since this process requires a number of permissions and checks in order to ensure a correct process.

If none of the aforementioned steps worked, then you should perform these steps:

  1. Go to Applications → Utilities → Terminal. Enter “dot_clean” command in the terminal window.
  2. Drag the particular folder to the terminal window, which was problematic to copy before.
  3. When the file will be released, at the end of the command you have typed in the terminal window, you should see a path of a particular file.
  4. After that, click ‘Enter’.

If after all you are still not capable of copying a particular file or folder, then the only thing that we can offer to you is to check your machine with MacKeeper and fix Error Code 36 automatically.

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