How to Fix "Expired DigiCert Certificate" error on Chrome?

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Issue: How to Fix "Expired DigiCert Certificate" error on Chrome?

Hello, when I try to open particular websites, I receive “Delete Expired DigiCert Certificate” error. I am not sure what does it mean? Is it a serious problem or can I fix it?

Solved Answer

“Expired DigiCert Certificate” is one of Google Chrome connection errors that might show up anytime when browsing the web. However, only Mac OS X users might encounter this error. Thus, Windows operating system users cannot be disturbed by this connection error while surfing the Internet using Chrome. However, Windows users encounter other issues due to the recent updates.[1]

The reason behind this particular error is related to expired DigiCert certificate which is used in some websites that are dealing with private data, such as banking details, credit card information, etc. DigiCert is a company that verifies the authenticity of secure internet sites.[2]

For instance, banks, online shops and other sites that are working with private information need to ensure that user’s or customer’s data is safe and invisible for third-parties. Thus, this “Expired DigiCert Certificate” error message informs that the owner of the website has not renewed the validation of the certificate.

How to Fix "Expired DigiCert Certificate" error on Chrome

When browsing the web, you might find that different site addresses might start either with HTTP or HTTPS. The letter S stands for security; thus, the website has a DigiCert certificate. However, you should not think that sites with HTTP are not safe to browse.[3] It’s not true. 

Actually, the majority of websites use it because they simply do not have to deal with private information and they don’t need to spend money on this certificate. However, if you browse through online shops and think about buying something, you should pay attention to the website address. If it does not have HTTPS, you should look for another retailer in order to protect your personal information. HTTPS uses data encryption to protect your data from third-parties or cybercriminals.

Fix to “Expired DigiCert Certificate” error

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If you have encountered “Expired DigiCert Certificate” error, you just need to know that this error informs about expired validation of the security certificate. Usually, website owners quickly fix this problem and renew the authentication. Meanwhile, you can get rid of this error by scanning the device using Reimage. If the scan delivers good results and there are no issues that could be fixed automatically, follow the manual methods below.

Method for “Expired DigiCert Certificate” fix on Mac OS X

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  1. Go to Spotlight search and type “Keychain Access.”
  2. In the search result find and open Keychain Access app.
  3. On the top of the screen, you will find View Show Expired Certificates. Click on it.
    "Expired DigiCert Certificate" error fix
  4. Now you should see a list of certificates.
  5. With the help of a search bar (top-right of the screen) find DigiCert High and press Enter.
  6. Look for DigiCert High Assurance Root CA, which is marked as “expired” and delete it by pressing Delete button on a keyboard.
    Fix Expired DigiCert error on your device
  7. If you see more expired certificates on the list, delete them as well.
  8. Restart Mac. You should not receive “Expired DigiCert Certificate” error anymore.

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