How to fix TiWorker.exe Disk Usage problems on Windows?

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Issue: How to fix TiWorker.exe Disk Usage problems on Windows?

I have a laptop that runs Windows 10. I’m using it for less than a year, and it ran well. However, a couple of weeks ago I’ve noticed that its performance decreased, which is very irritating especially when I’m trying to play games that require a bit more of hardware specs. I’ve checked what might be the matter and what I found is the TiWorker.exe process. When I opened Task Manager, I found out that this process takes up more than a half of CPU. Is there a way to fix TiWorker.exe high CPU usage? Thanks for any help!

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TiWorker.exe is a Windows Module Installer process that is related to Windows Update. It hasn’t been a default system file in the older Windows versions, which is why high CPU usage problem related to TiWorker.exe process interfere Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 users. This running process is a part of OS, which is why it will run in the background of the system all the time.
The TiWorker.exe error usually occurs after an update has run. Consequently, the process may start using loads of CPU (more than 50%). It’s vital to check and fix high CPU usage issues like this one due to a couple of reasons, i.e. the PC gets slow, might start crashing, and, on top of that, CPU might overheat. Therefore, certain actions must be taken to fix TiWorker.exe error.  In the following paragraph, we are going to indicate all possible methods that may help you to lessen TiWorker.exe CPU usage.

How to fix TiWorker.exe Disk Usage problems on Windows?

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There are several methods that could help to fix TiWorker.exe High CPU usage issue. We’ve picked out the methods that have been approved by PC users to be effective in TiWorker.exe error.

Tip 1. Ran a scan with Reimage

Since TiWorker.exe may start using a lot CPU due to system errors and certain damage, the easiest way to check that and fix is to install a PC optimization tool and run a scan with it immediately. This solution requires very little effort and time as you don’t have to perform any system changes manually except installing the software. Therefore, download Reimage and run a full scan with it. If the scan did not minimize or remove TiWorker.exe process, try the next method.

Tip 2. Run Windows Updates

(Windows 8.1)

  • Hold Windows key and press X.
  • Select Control Panel from the list.
  • Click Windows Updates (left pane) and then select Check for Updates.

(Windows 10)

  • Press Windows key and A.
  • Select All Settings.
  • Locate Windows Updates on the left pane.
  • Select Check for Updates.

After that, wait till the system searches for available updates. If it delivers a list of recommended updates, select run the Updates.

Tip 3. Run System Maintenance

  1. Hold Windows key and X.
  2. Select Control Panel.
  3. Opt for Find and Fix Problems selection.
  4. Find View All on the left pane and click on it.
  5. Select System Maintenance and click Next.
  6. The troubleshooter will run automatically. Wait for the process to finish and see if any problems have been found.

Tip 4. Run System File Checker

  • Hold Windows key and click W.
  • Type cmd to open Command Prompt.
  • Right-click on cmd and choose Run as Administrator.
  • When the window opens, type sfc /scannow and press Enter.
  • Be patient because this process might last for about an hour. After that, you may receive one of the following messages:

1. Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations (no further action needed, if this is the message you get)
2. Windows Resource Protection Found Corrupt Files (etc…) if you get a long message with starting  lines as Windows Resource Protection Found Corrupt Files.

  • After that, type Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth  command in the Command Prompt window When the clean up finishes, restart your device.

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