How to fix “Windows could not start the Crypkey License service on Local Computer” error?

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Issue: How to fix “Windows could not start the Crypkey License service on Local Computer” error?

When I want to install a new application, the error message pops up “Windows could not start the Crypkey License service on Local Computer.” I also find crypserv.exe file running in the Task Manager. Some say it is a legitimate file, others claim it to be a virus. Your opinion?

Solved Answer

“Windows could not start the Crypkey License service on Local Computer.
Error 2: the system cannot find the file specified” error occur due to different reasons. Firstly, a mismatch between the image path and executable patch of CrypKey software might trigger this problem. Originally, CrypKey refers to the company located in Canada. It specializes in producing encryption services for licensing programs and copyright prevention. Though the executable file is not related to Windows systems, its executable file may be found at C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\crypserv.exe. The file runs at startup, and in most cases, it is significant for launching supported programs, e.g. Iconics Scada software. However, there are also cases when users report the odd behavior of this file. Some users noticed its relation with w32/Dyfuca.l malware. It is not common for hackers to disguise malware under the executable files of well-known and legitimate programs. In this case, identifying the origin of the malware may not be an easy task. Likewise, it would be better to scan the file with anti-malware tools to determine whether the file is legitimate or corrupted one.The picture displaying crypserv.exe file

Option 1. Run security scan with malware elimination tool

If you notice that crypserv.exe file consumes a lot of CPU memory usage, it is likely that the file serves as a disguise for malware. In addition, if you regularly scan the device, you may notice that during its proess, more PUPs or elaborate threats sneak into the device. If the file is corrupted, it functions as a rootkit facilitating the infiltration of a more elaborate infection. Clean the device with Reimage.

Option 2. Check the image path location 

  1. In order to check the path of the executable file, open Task Manager. You can do it by clicking ESC+SHIFT+CTRL. When it opens, find Crypserv.exe file and right-click on it. Choose “Open file location.”
  2. Next, you should find out whether the image path file is the same.
  3. Launch Registry Editor. Click Windows+R and type regedit. Press Enter.
  4. Once Registry Editors opens, find the following location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ services \ {Crypkey License}.
  5. Enter Crypkey License folder and locate file ImagePath. If the path is different, you may try changing its value. Right click on the file and choose Modify. Then, you will be able to change the value.
  6. Without corrupting your registry files more, you may want to use RegCure Pro or other registry repair tools. After changing the value, you may also attempt to reinstall the application. Find Crypkey program in the list of system applications and uninstall it.

Option 3. Disable the task from running at startup

Check whether disabling crypserv.exe from running right after Window launches solve the problem.

  1. Click Windows+R, type cmd, and press Enter. In the newly opened window, type schtasks /Change [/S <system> [/U <username> [/P [<password>]]]]
    /TN <taskname> /DISABLE
  2. Click Enter and wait for the command to end.
  3. You may be asked to reboot the computer.
  4. If you notice that disabling file has caused more system problems to appear, you may enable the task again by changing the part of the above-shown entry from Disable to Enable.
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