How to fix Windows Update 800B0109 Error

How to fix Windows Update 800B0109 Error

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    12-13-19 says:

    800B0109 is a relatively common Windows update error, and it has been prevalent since Windows XP times. The reason for the issue is usually either malware infection or corrupted Windows update components.

    Microsoft patched the bug that caused KB 890830 update re-installing itself and caused 800B0109 error a few years ago, although you might still experience this issue today.

    To fix 800B0109 error, you can try a set of built-in Windows tools like System File Checker or Disk Check. Additionally, you should scan your machine for malware to ensure it is not causing the error message.

    Finally, you could also try System Restore without losing personal files or installed programs. You can find all the relevant information in this article - How to fix Windows Update 800B0109 Error?.

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