“Media is write protected” error

When I run the OS backup, I am getting the error message ‘Media is write protected’ along with the 0x80070013 error message. I am using a USB stick as the backup media. I can successfully write to this drive using File Explorer so how come Windows backup cannot write to this drive? I have tried formatting the drive, using another USB stick and still get the same error message.

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    The 0x80070013 error can be related to drivers or similar software pieces. It might be that you are trying to install components which already exist on your system. Additionally, it can be that the hardware you are trying to add is not compatible with your system version. To get rid of this error, try following this guide: https://ugetfix.com/ask/how-to-fix-windows-update-error-0x80070013/

    If these options fail to work for you, try using Fortect which is a unique repair software that can replace bad system entries with the good ones.

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