Opera users are able to block cookie dialogs on their Android devices

Opera's for Android new feature allows blocking cookie dialogs on websites

Opera users are able to block cookie dialogs on their Android devicesOpera allows Android users to block cookie dialogs on visited websites.

Recently, the latest version of Opera[1], which is used on Android devices has released a new feature. Now users are able to block all cookie dialogs on their visited pages. Such ability was provided after overviewing all attempts that were caused by cookies which annoyingly try to make users agree with all privacy terms and policies they overcome.

If you are keen on using this new function, you can easily find the cookie dialog blocker in your web browser settings where you can switch it on and off. However, you have to note that even though you decide to block the dialogs, you cannot stop the cookies from approaching on various websites. You will no longer see the dialogs but cookies might still come out.

Some good news is that you still can control the cookies by selecting some settings. Opera provides users with three options for this case:

  • blocking all cookies;
  • blocking none of them;
  • blocking only third-party ones.

The dialog blocker uses CSS rules and JavaScript codes

The Opera team has claimed that the cookie dialog blocker feature has been tested on around 15,000 websites and is looking forward to adding this ability for even more web pages[2]. Furthermore, this feature is using a combination of two tools – CSS rules and JavaScript heuristics[3].

Cybersecurity experts think that such decision to release a cookie dialog blocker was a very useful one. Opera has made the right choice which lengthened user's browsing and gave them a choice of their one. We guess that every one of us has dealt with the annoying and intruding cookie dialogs and wished that they had disappeared. Gladly, now it is possible to get rid of the dialogs if you are using Opera on your Android device.

Opera offers other features also

The 7.1 Opera for Android version is offering some other useful features for their users. One of them is providing shortcuts. Tapping on the O logo allows users to use new home screen shortcuts as navigations which let people easily perform a new search request, scan QR codes[4], open new tab windows, and so on.

Another thing that Opera has released for Android users is easy and simple text sizing[5]. This ability lets people choose the preferred text size on any visited website. Such feature appears to be very comfortable when the webpage is not suited for mobile devices as it helps to see the text clearer and the reading process becomes smoother.

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