Windows 10 S: Use Microsoft Edge and Bing or upgrade to Windows 10 Pro

On Tuesday, 2nd of May 2017, Microsoft finally released Windows 10 S to take on Chrome OS. The announcement of the new operating system took place in MicrosoftEDU event, which was held in the Big Apple (New York). The new operating system comes with innovative and beneficial features, for example, it boots in approximately 15 seconds, runs on lesser hardware configurations; besides, it can be installed via USB. All new features show that this OS will be a hands-down great time saver, however, obviously the new operating system has its downsides. It appears that users willing to use the S version of Windows 10 will have to say farewell to major web browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. According to Microsoft 10 S FAQ page, Microsoft Edge is the default web browser for this OS, and although it is possible to download other web browsers from the Windows Store (and believe us, there aren’t so many to choose from), Microsoft Edge will remain the default one no matter one. It means that even if Chrome or Firefox appears in the Windows Store, users won’t be allowed to use them as default browsers. On top of that, the new operating system comes with an additional feature that prevents users from swapping Microsoft Edge’s default search engine Bing with another one.

Terry Myerson announces the new Windows 10 S at MicrosoftEdu event

According to Microsoft’s spokeswoman reply to Fortune, the company believes that “Microsoft Edge and Bing provides the best and most secure experience on Windows 10 S.” That is, indeed, true-
speaking of adware and browser hijackers, we must point out that usually, they target the most popular browsers, meaning Chrome and Firefox. Therefore, using Edge means facing less potentially unwanted programs in your life. Users who are not happy with the new features are invited to switch to Windows 10 Pro, which allows using non-Windows Store apps, remote desktop, and BitLocker.

The S version of the famous operating system is believed to be an answer to Google Chrome OS, which currently dominates in the low-end laptop market. Chrome’s operating system was first to provide cheap laptops with a just limited amount of functions that is enough to satisfy computer users. It is clear that such computers is exactly the thing that is needed in the education field; therefore it is clear where Microsoft aims with the launch of Windows OS S. Devices running this OS will start at $189 and contain a free subscription to Minecraft: Education Edition. Users who will be unhappy with the OS S will be allowed to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for $49.

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