Frequent system errors due to driver updates? Windows 10 Creator’s Update forthcoming this spring is about to bring changes

Frequent system errors due to driver updates? Windows 10 Creator’s Update forthcoming this spring is about to bring changes snapshot

Microsoft is putting the finishing touches on the Creator’s Update and planning to release it at the end of April 2017. While officially the update will be pushed out with a version number Windows 10 Release 1704, it has a code name Redstone 2. Up till know, Windows enthusiasts have been discussing and guessing what kind of features the new Creator’s Update will bring in. A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft has already officially approved the Redstone 2 release date and provided the list of the most anticipated improvements. The introduction of Windows Holographic user interface for Windows 10 VR headsets is considered to be the major contribution to the current Windows 10 OS, but VR gaming support, 3D version of Microsoft Paint, Action Center modifications, and other features are also worth attention.

Despite the biggest changes that will be mostly visible after Windows 10 Creators Update, aka. Redstone 2, release, we would like to draw users’ attention to one, relatively minor, change. It’s obvious that Microsoft takes into account each report regarding Windows 10 performance, analyzes the causes, and seeks for the best solution possible. To tell the truth, the vast majority of Windows 10 bugs, BSOD in particular, are triggered by the failure of some drivers whether it is graphic, network, keyboard or sound drivers because all of them tend to cause troubles. As specialists claim, certain drivers cannot properly function as they lack for updates, but the others might stop working properly right after installing the upgrade. Therefore, after the release of Redstone 2, all Windows 10 users will be able to decide which drivers are worth updating and with are not. The feature will be available on Windows Update service just like we could install regular Windows Update. The difference is that usual Windows Updates has to be installed, but the can be unrolled if needed, while the new feature forthcoming with the Redstone 2 will enable users to exclude drivers from the built-in Windows Update system.

It seems that Microsoft has been struggling with the driver issues for long as the changes regarding driver updates were performed regularly. For instance, before the latest Preview build, all Windows 10 users have had to install available driver updates using Windows Update unexceptionally, but this method did not meet expectations, so it was unrolled with the build 15002 for Windows 10 Preview. People can now take control into their hands and choose which driver updates should be included in Windows Update service. From the initial inspection, this change may not seem to be important, but be aware of and remember what we’ve said if your Windows 10 will encounter an error. If you find that the culprit of the error message or BSOD is a faulty driver, which has recently been upgraded via Windows Update, you will be able to withdraw the update of that particular driver from the Windows Update, so that it won’t be updated automatically again. This new feature is already available for Enterprise, Education, and Professional editions of Windows 10, but Home users should not get upset as the spring is here very soon!

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