How to Uninstall Camtasia on Mac OS X?

Hello. I need help with Camtasia because for some reason I cannot delete it permanently.More
Uninstall   February 28, 2019  

How to uninstall Microsoft Edge?

Hi, I was always a fan of Opera web browser and I have been using since I can remember.More
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How to get rid of search bar at top of screen?

Hello, I have a problem, and I hope you can help me with it.More
Uninstall   February 13, 2019  

How to delete Inetpub Folder in Windows 10?

Hi, I have recently noticed Inetpub folder on my computer. Even though I know that this folder is related to Internet Information Services and used when hosting web pages on the PC.More
Uninstall   February 12, 2019  

How to Uninstall Spotify on Mac OS X?

Hello all. Could someone provide me with a thorough guide on how to uninstall Spotify on Mac OS X?More
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How to Uninstall WinThruster on Windows OS?

Could you please tell me if WinThruster is a trustworthy application?More
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How to uninstall Box Sync on Mac OS X (free guide)

... More
Uninstall   January 29, 2019  

How to uninstall Crashplan on Mac OS X?

Hey. Maybe it will seem a bit funny, but I really cannot find out how to remove CrashPlan from Mac OS X.More
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How to Uninstall McAfee on Mac OS X

I’ve installed McAfee for Mac just to be sure that my machine is free of viruses.More
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How to uninstall μTorrent from Windows OS?

Hi guys, I've recently installed utorrent program. However, I noticed that my PC performance is suffering and the app freezes.More
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How to Uninstall Tumblr on Mac OS X

Hello, have downloaded Tumblr to my Mac but now I see that I don’t need it anymore.More
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How to remove MASetupCleaner.exe file?

What is the MASetupCleaner.exe file? Should I keep it? I haven’t seen it before, but it showed up as if out of nowhere a couple of weeks ago. More
Uninstall   December 04, 2018  

How to Uninstall COMODO Internet Security 2017?

I used COMODO Internet Security 2017 from the time it was released, but I’ve noticed that my computer behaves strangely even tough the web protection is on. More
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How to Uninstall BitLord on Windows?

I’m having issues with BitLord removal. I think I have deleted some files associated with this program, but not all of them, and now I’m confused.More
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How to Delete Your Sarahah Account?

I am one of those millions of people who gave Sarahah app a try.More
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