How to Remove “Unknown Security Breach” Pop-Up?

Chrome regularly redirects me to the site, which says “Internet Service Provider: unknown Security Breach.” The pop-up indicates the error code 0xa297sa, HARDDISK_ROOTKIT_TROJAN_HIJACK.EXE Hard Disk Failure, and many other technical information that I do not understand. More
Uninstall   July 20, 2017  

MacKeeper customers can now get a refund

Users of Mac optimization tool MacKeeper can now get a refund, if they claim it by November 30th. More
News   August 10, 2015  

MacKeeper review and download

MacKeeper review MacKeeper from Kromtech Alliance Corp. is a software for Mac OS X that secures and optimizes the system. More
Optimize   August 12, 2015  

How to Remove the Msiql.exe File?

Yesterday I found search engine and homepage on Chrome web browser replaced by a modified Bing version, so I started to look for third-party apps that might have initiated the changes. More
Uninstall   July 18, 2017  

How to Uninstall SearchLock?

I have been using Google as a default homepage and search engine for ages. More
Uninstall   July 17, 2017  

How to Uninstall DirectX?

I have recently upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 8. Most of the games I used to play on older Windows version stopped working and failing with a DirectX error. More
Uninstall   July 13, 2017  

How to Uninstall ScanFolder Disk Optimizer?

It seems that I’ve accidentally installed ScanFolder disk optimization utility because it scans my PC on a regular basis. More
Uninstall   July 13, 2017  

How to Uninstall Yahoo Search?

All of a sudden I found Google search engine replaced by Yahoo Search. More
Uninstall   July 12, 2017  

How to Uninstall Advanced IP Scanner?

Hello, guys. I have been using Advanced IP Scanner, but it seems to be dead now. More
Uninstall   July 01, 2017  

How to Uninstall WikiBuy?

I found this extension added to the browser. It says to be affiliated with Amazon. More
Uninstall   June 30, 2017  

How to Uninstall Picasa?

I‘ve read about Picasa‘s retirement just now. I‘ve saved all important pictures stored on Picasa Albums and can now delete it. More
Uninstall   June 29, 2017  

How to Uninstall Microsoft Edge?

Is there a way to uninstall Microsoft Edge from Windows 10? More
Uninstall   June 29, 2017  
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