Miners and how to avoid them

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Getting infected with miner botnets

How to avoid miners

Many users have most likely heard about crypto currency – since Bitcoin emerged in 2009, there have been a lot of similar crypto currencies released, becoming a really popular trend. Many people take part in mining this kind of digital currency, including Feathercoins, Dogecoins, and Litecoins.

Basically, people have to invest in suitable equipment and start mining. It can take from 1 to 2 years to cover the cost of it, and later the person can expect some profit.

However, not all mining is carried out with the consent of the device owner. Some hackers came up with a plan to use a lot of computers without the need to invest the money themselves. For this reason, they now use a piece of riskware called a miner.

All the illegally (and without the knowledge of the victims) distributed miner botnets create one giant network that mines cryptocurrency at its full potential. In this way, the hacker gets huge sums of money by using other people.

As mining can eat up a lot of electricity, those who are infected start receiving bigger bills for electricity. Aside from a bigger bill, victims will also experience much slower computer speed and device malfunctions.

Spreading the infection

Usually, a miner can infect your computer with the help of a dropper – software, the purpose of which is installing malware on users’ devices.

You can get infected with a dropper when you download pirated versions of games or applications. Sometimes droppers can come with pirated activation keys for software. You might especially download something like this from a P2P site where there can be tons of infected files.

When you open the downloaded file, the malicious dropper is activated, which then downloads a miner onto your system. Additionally, it makes sure your system does not notice the miner by also downloading malware that makes the miner very difficult to notice.

The means to avoid miners

Miners can be difficult to detect and remove. Also, they cause tons of problems (even financial!), so the first step you should take is trying not to get one. Peer-2-peer websites should be the first thing to avoid. Make sure you install only legitimate applications so that no malicious droppers could reach your system.

However, if you are already infected, you need to get a good anti-malware application as soon as possible. A good security tool will detect malicious droppers and installers.

To choose the best anti-malware program, you can visit Reviewedbypro.com, a website dedicated to fighting cybercrime. There you will find tons of security tool reviews and will be able to choose the application that suits your needs the most.

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