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Ugetfix is a reputable informational website for Windows and Mac computer users. Our goal is to help people to fix or optimize their devices, as well as inform about the latest cyber-security news, trends, and threats. We kindly welcome submissions that cover these topics.

We want to point out that Ugetfix does not employ the format of the social news site. For this reason, all user-generated content that we receive is reviewed by our editorial board. Our editors have a right to edit, change, format, supplement or abridge the content we receive based on our rules and regulations.

Requirements for the submission

Requirements for the article

We publish your submission only if the text meets our requirements. We have few rules and regulations regarding the content of the article, text quality, and structure, as well as images. Please follow them to get your article published on Ugetfix.

1. Criteria for the topic

First of all, check our website and make sure that your chosen topic hasn’t been published on our site yet. Secondly, research the topic and choose legitimate sources to validate your text. Avoid fake news because these entries won’t be published.

IMPORTANT. We accept original content only:

  • Plagiarised or in other ways manipulated texts will be rejected.
  • If you are citing other works or use quotations, include explicit references to the authors and titles (include 5 references).
  • The same article should not be submitted or featured in other websites or journals.
  • Follow links are accepted only in the top-quality articles.

2. Regulations for the text

The way you present your chosen topic matters as well. The length of the article should be at least 500 words. Make sure that the text is written in fluent and reader-friendly format.

Your submitted article should not include any errors and mistakes. We highly recommend checking the text with language-proofing tools before submitting it. These tools will make sure that grammar, syntax, and semantic errors were not left.

3. The structure of the article

Your article should include short paragraphs and be structured in order to make the text easy to read. We also recommend sticking to the basic article structure: introduction, body, and conclusions.

4. Rules for images

We recommend illustrating your submissions with representative and unique pictures. However, we do not accept copyright-infringing images, or illustrations that do not fit to the aspect ratio of 16:9.

Additionally, you can add infographics to visualize or explain the topic in-depth.

Submitting the article

Once you write an article, proof-read it and get an image, you should send it to [email protected]. It takes up to 10 business days to review the submission. We will send a confirmation email if your article is selected for publishing. However, if you do not receive an email from us within two weeks, you can publish your piece on other sites or journals.

Follow/nofollow policy

We have a strict follow/nofollow policy. Follow links are accepted only in high-quality articles from active writers. It means that you have to write at least 2 unique articles per month if you want to feature follow links to your sources.

However, if you become inactive, meaning you do not submit at least 2 articles within one month time, the follow links will be automatically switched to nofollow. The same will happen if you submit plagiarised or in other ways manipulated content as yours.