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How to fix black screen with cursor?

Hello. Something has happened to my Windows 10 computer - it suddenly crashed and, once booted, nothing was visible.More
Fix   January 17, 2020  

How to fix Enter Network Credentials error?

Hello. I cannot access shared resources on the network, computers on the same network because I encounter Enter Network Credentials dialog all the time.More
Fix   January 15, 2020  

How to fix WSAPPX high cpu usage?

Hello. I recently updated my Windows 10 with the latest updates and noticed that it is working kind of slow.More
Fix   January 15, 2020  

How to Fix “The HoeflerText font wasn’t found” Error?

Hello, when browsing the Internet, I often receive “The HoeflerText font wasn’t found” error, which informs about the inability to show the content of the website and asks to update “Chrome Font Pack.” I looked for information online what to do about this error, and I found out that some malicious program triggers this... More
Fix   January 13, 2020  

How to Fix Slow Wi-Fi Connection on MacOS Sierra?

Hello. I’ve noticed that Wi-Fi speed after upgrading from elCapitan to Sierra decreased significantly.More
Fix   January 10, 2020  

How to fix “Class not registered” error on Windows 10?

Hi, I have a problem - I often receive "Class not Registered" when trying to search the web by using Cortana.More
Fix   January 09, 2020  

How to fix “Service registration is missing or corrupt” error on Windows 10?

Hello, I am trying to update my Windows 10 but it keeps returning error which prevents me from doing so.More
Fix   January 07, 2020  

How to Fix “This app has been blocked due to company policy” Error on Windows?

I am having difficulties installing Lumia Cinemagraph app from the App store.More
Fix   January 07, 2020  

How to fix Windows 10 Taskbar not responding?

Hello. I have an incredibly annoying problem on my laptop, and I hope you will be able to help me fix it.More
Fix   January 07, 2020  

How to fix Cannot open volume for direct access error?

Hello, I tried to move some files from the storage hard drive to an external USB.More
Fix   January 06, 2020  

How to Fix 0xc000014c BSOD on Windows 10?

Hello, all. Recently I upgraded my Dell Inspiration 14 to Windows 10 from Windows 7.More
Fix   January 03, 2020  

How to fix error code: 0x00AEM001489?

Hello. After I turned my PC on yesterday, I was shown a Windows error screen and I could not do anything since then.More
Fix   January 02, 2020  

How to fix Runtime Error 91 on Windows?

I have installed Word to my new computer. Everything went fine during the installation.More
Fix   December 31, 2019  

How to fix "App didn't start in required time" error on Windows 10?

Hello! I have been getting the error "App didn't start in required time" from time to time.More
Fix   December 30, 2019  

How to fix pop-up?

Hello. I‘ve been warned twice already that my personal information is in danger and that I must call tech-support to prevent the loss.More
Fix   December 30, 2019