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How to uninstall Microsoft AutoUpdate?

Hello. I recently got a pop-up message on my Mac from something called Microsoft AutoUpdate.More
Uninstall   July 16, 2020  

How to uninstall GoodGame Studios Empire / Big Farm / Mafia?

Hello, I have an issue with something I haven't installed myself.More
Uninstall   May 21, 2020  

How to uninstall Voicemod?

Hello, I have installed Voicemod microphone and used it for a while, but actually I’m a bit disappointed as the sound quality is very low.More
Uninstall   April 27, 2020  

How to uninstall Comodo Geekbuddy?

Hello, I have installed Comodo antivirus, and as far as I understand, GeekBuddy was installed with it.More
Uninstall   April 20, 2020  

How to uninstall Zedge?

Hello, I and not very good with smartphones, and I need your help because of it.More
Uninstall   April 09, 2020  

How to uninstall Screencast-O-Matic?

Hello, I need help with uninstallation instructions. I don't know where the Screencast-O-Matic program came from.More
Uninstall   April 02, 2020  

How to uninstall Opera Stable?

Hello guys. Recently I installed Opera Stable browser on my machine because I saw an advertisement on a website.More
Uninstall   March 31, 2020  

How to Uninstall Microsoft Outlook on Mac OS X

Hello. My question is quite silly but believe me, I am asking seriously: I can't find a way to uninstall Microsoft Outlook on my Mac.More
Uninstall   March 16, 2020  

How to uninstall Citrix Receiver?

Hello, I want to uninstall the Citrix Receiver because I'm not happy with the issues that occur on the system.More
Uninstall   February 21, 2020  

How to Uninstall LogMeIn on Mac OS X?

Hello, I have recently installed LogMeIn app on my Mac as I thought that I will have to log in to my work PC from home.More
Uninstall   February 14, 2020  

How to uninstall SlimCleaner Plus from Windows OS?

Hello. SlimCleaner Plus was installed on my computer a long time ago.More
Uninstall   February 10, 2020  

How to Uninstall VirusBarrier X8 from Mac OS X?

Hello. I would like to find out the right way to uninstall VirusBarrier X8.More
Uninstall   February 03, 2020  

How to fix No Audio Output Device is installed error?

Hello. My Windows updates recently installed automatically, and after that, I figured that I have a problem - there is something wrong with my audio, as it does not work.More
Uninstall   January 30, 2020  

How to uninstall File Association Helper on Windows OS?

I need to remove File Association Helper but cannot find its uninstaller.More
Uninstall   January 15, 2020  

How to uninstall Advanced Mac Cleaner?

Greetings. For some time now, I have been struggling with an application that simply won’t leave my device no matter what .More
Uninstall   January 13, 2020  

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