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Technology plays an essential role in our society. Desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and other modern gadgets became an inevitable part of our life. However, it’s hard to follow latest trends, security tips and make sure that the device is working at its best because everything changes too fast. However, Ugetfix team is willing to be your guide and provide the most important tutorials straight to your inbox.

The same computer-related problems bother users all over the world. You might be dealing with an annoying error code that prevents installing apps from iTunes or connectivity problems on your Windows laptop.

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Spread the news about latest cyber threats and malware

Spread the news about latest cyber threats and malware

Worldwide cyber attacks encouraged to pay more attention to security and spread awareness of trending cyber threats. Numerous browser hijackers, trojans, ransomware and other dangerous cyber threats emerge every single day and users should know what nasty viruses are lurking on the web.

Ugetfix team kindly suggests webmasters spread awareness of recently emerged cyber threats by installing Virus Activity plugin to your website. The widget provides the information about recently appeared viruses and cyber threats that renewed their activity. Spreading the knowledge about malware plays an important role in fighting cyber crimes.

The multilingual Virus Activity plugin helps your website’s visitors to learn about recently emerged viruses in their native language. The widget is flexible and can fit perfectly in any website’s design.

Help your visitor to get rid of cyber infections easily

Screenshot of Virus Activity plugin

Webmasters can add Virus Activity plugin to the sidebar or footer of the website. The widget is designed to adapt to the website's design automatically. However, you can adjust it manually and configure the length of the list with recent cyber threats.

Visitors of your website will see up-to-date information about most dangerous file-encrypting viruses, annoying browser hijackers, data-stealing trojans and other malicious programs that cause numerous computer-related problems or pose a risk to their privacy. Visitors will also get a chance to learn how to remove cyber threats quickly and effectively with the help of Virus Activity plugin.