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How to use Telegram – installation, features, tips and tricks, FAQ.

Hello. I want to change my main messaging app from Facebook messenger to Telegram.More
Optimize   January 13, 2021  

How to import Chrome Bookmarks to Safari?

Hi there, I am planning to move from Chrome to Safari. There are lots of information I have in my Chrome.More
Optimize   January 12, 2021  

How to launch System Restore via the Command Prompt?

I have recently had a ransomware attack that has made my computer unusable thing for quite a while.More
Optimize   January 11, 2021  

How to disable Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry (CompatTelRunner.exe)? (1)

While analyzing problems on my Windows computer, I noticed CompatTelRunner.exe task running in the task manager.More
Optimize   December 18, 2020  

Get Mac Washing Machine X9

Mac Washing Machine X9 – a cleaner tool for macOS devices that speeds up the performance. More
Optimize   November 03, 2020  

How to fix broken registry items in Windows 10?

Hello. I think there are some serious issues with my registry entries.More
Optimize   October 29, 2020  

DriverFix review

DriverFix is a driver updater that will keep your computer troubles away. More
Optimize   October 19, 2020  

How to disable GameBarPresenceWriter.exe and GamingServices?

Hello. I have recently spotted that some processes and services - GameBarPresenceWriter.exe and GamingServices to be precise - keep starting up each time I launch a game.More
Optimize   October 05, 2020  

How to disable Modern Standby in Windows 10?

Hello, I have an issue with my Dell laptop because my computer might go out of the market for good.More
Optimize   October 02, 2020  

How to reinstall Audio Drivers on Windows 10?

Hi, I have HP 2000 NoteBook. I have sound issues and I am not sure what to do.More
Optimize   October 02, 2020  

How to upgrade your graphics card?

Hello, my graphics card recently broke, so I was wondering how to handle this situation.More
Optimize   September 15, 2020  

How to optimize your Windows Registry?

When I read online articles on how to boost my Windows performance, it always mentions taking care of Windows Registry.More
Optimize   September 10, 2020  

How to delete cookies from browsers?

Hey. I would like to clear cookies on all my browsers on every device I own.More
Optimize   September 03, 2020  

How to password protect a file or folder in Windows 10?

Hi, I have a Windows 10 computer I share with my brother. I generally don't mind it, but I want my school work and pictures not to be snooped on, and I know that he can do that behind my back.More
Optimize   August 11, 2020  

How to restore Mac to the earlier date?

Hello. I’ve been using my Mac for more than a year.  However, these days I’ve noticed a significant slowdown and random freezes - this behavior just started recently.More
Optimize   August 07, 2020  

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