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How to clear the print queue when a document is stuck?

My printer's queue is stuck and won't clear on Windows 10.More
Optimize   July 21, 2021  

Microsoft Edge: how to disable or enable Dark Mode?

I started using MS Edge as my main browser recently, and I am quite happy with it.More
Optimize   June 16, 2021  

How to disable or enable taskbar’s News and interests in Windows 10?

Hello. A few days ago, I installed the newest Windows updates, and I found this new weather/news bar that shows a giant popup on my screen when I hover over it.More
Optimize   June 14, 2021  

How to take a screenshot of a PC game on Windows?

Hi, I have been wondering what is the most efficient way of taking a screenshot in a video game?More
Optimize   May 12, 2021  

How to sync iPhone with Your Phone app?

Hi. How do I connect my iPhone to Windows 10? I have been using an iPhone for many years, and I am not planning on switching to Android.More
Optimize   May 04, 2021  

How to increase download speed on Steam?

Hello, I hope you could help me with Steam download speeds. Recently, I have moved to a new apartment, so I had to re-establish my internet connection.More
Optimize   April 22, 2021  

How to fix This device can perform faster message on Windows?

Hi, every time I put a USB stick into the USB slot, I receive a popup message "This device can perform faster" message at the bottom right corner of my screen.More
Optimize   March 25, 2021  

How to remove red dot on Discord icon?

Hello. Recently, I received an update to the Discord app, and now there is this annoying dot on Discord icon on my taskbar.More
Optimize   March 19, 2021  

How to change Microsoft Edge homepage and new tab function?

Every time I open Microsoft Edge, it opens the default Microsoft website with tons of news articles and whatnot on it.More
Optimize   March 05, 2021  

How to increase Google storage space for free?

Hello. I have constantly been running out of space on my Google account .More
Optimize   February 22, 2021  

How to Disable Hyper-V in Windows 10?

Hello all. Do you have any ideas why Windows does not allow me to uninstall Hyper-V?More
Optimize   February 19, 2021  

How to stop MS Edge from opening a New Tab every time a link is clicked?

Hello. I cannot solve the issue with my Edge browser. The functionality with links changed.More
Optimize   February 12, 2021  

What is Adobe GC Invoker Utility? Can I stop AdobeGCClient.exe process?

Hi, I found Adobe GC Invoker Utility running in the background.More
Optimize   January 25, 2021  

How to fix Chrome keeps crashing or won’t open at all?

Hello. Something is wrong with my Google Chrome browser. I think.More
Optimize   January 20, 2021  

How to reinstall Audio Drivers on Windows 10?

Hi. I have sound issues and I am not sure what to do. Everything looks okay with cables and so on.More
Optimize   January 18, 2021