How to switch from using PIN to password in Windows 11?

Hello. I want to use a password instead of a PIN to sign into Windows 11.More
Optimize   March 28, 2023  

How to disable Sleep Mode in Windows?

Hello. Is there a way to disable Sleep Mode in Windows? My PC keeps going to sleep when I leave it for a longer time.More
Optimize   March 25, 2023  

How to restore legacy context menu in Windows 11?

Hello. I upgraded to Windows 11 but I do not like the new context menu.More
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How to disable the touchpad in Windows?

Hello. I can't find how to disable the touchpad on my Windows laptop.More
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How to merge folders and files in Windows?

Hello. Is it possible to merge folders or files in Windows? If yes, how can I do it? More
Optimize   March 11, 2023  

How to stop fans from constantly running in Windows?

Hello. The fans in my Windows PC are running constantly every time I turn it on even if there are no applications in use.More
Optimize   March 07, 2023  

How to stop Windows 11 from tracking your activities?

I have recently upgraded to Windows 11, but with Microsoft inserting more ads everywhere, I am concerned about my personal information being tracked.More
Optimize   February 20, 2023  

How to remove trending searches from the Search Bar in Windows?

Hi, can you please help me with something that bothers me on Windows quite a bit?More
Optimize   February 13, 2023  

How to enable Controlled Folder Access in Windows?

Hello. How do I enable the Controlled Folder Access feature in Windows?  ... More
Optimize   February 10, 2023  

How to set up a custom screen lock time in Windows?

Hello. Can I change when my Windows computer locks after a certain period of time?More
Optimize   February 07, 2023  

How to remove the Search bar from the Taskbar in Windows 11?

Hello. I was wondering if there is a way to hide the search bar from the taskbar on my Windows 11 PC.More
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How to stop and cancel Windows 11 upgrade?

Hi, I am not planning to upgrade o Windows 11 because my current system ) is stable and works just fine.More
Optimize   February 01, 2023  

How to enable and use God Mode in Windows 11?

Hello. I have heard of a hidden feature in Windows 11 where you can access important system settings in one place.More
Optimize   January 31, 2023  

How to get Microsoft Office 365 for free?

Hello. I was wondering if there was a way to get Microsoft Office 365 for free.More
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How to change Task Manager's Real-time update speed in Windows 11?

Hello. I was wondering how I can change the update speed of Task Manager in Windows 11.More
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