How to fix Microsoft Edge refreshing itself?

Hello, how to fix Microsoft edge from randomly refreshing which is causing me to lose the sites that I am working with? More
Fix   May 20, 2019  

How to fix non-responding Copy and Paste function on Windows?

I had to reinstall my Windows 7 recently, I noticed that neither Copy and Paste function or CTRL+C nor CTRL+V work.More
Fix   May 20, 2019  

How to fix AppX Deployment Service (AppXSVC)?

Hello. I recently updated my Windows 10 with the latest updates and noticed that it is working kind of slow.More
Fix   May 17, 2019  

How to Fix 0x80072F30 Error on Windows Store?

When I try to download or open apps on Windows Store, I get the error code 0x80072F30.More
Fix   May 17, 2019  

How to fix "Can't open this item. It might have been moved, renamed, or deleted" error on Windows?

I’ve been struggling with the issue. When I want to click on any files, the message pops up saying "Can't open this item.More
Fix   May 16, 2019  

How to fix “The system cannot find the path specified?”

Unfortunately, I am unable to use uTorrent. Every time I tried to download a Torrent file, I receive "The system cannot find the path specified" error.More
Fix   May 15, 2019  

How to fix DNS server isn’t responding?

Hello, I recently moved to a new apartment and was in a hurry to establish an internet connection, as I need it for work.More
Fix   May 14, 2019  

How to Fix High CPU Usage by Srvany.exe?

Is it normal that srvany.exe process uses up to 60% CPU? As far as I know, high CPU usage by any process/app is not a good sign, is it?More
Fix   May 14, 2019  

How to Fix 0xc00000e9 BSOD on Windows 10?

I’ve started receiving a blue screen error 0xc00000e9 a couple of days ago.More
Fix   May 13, 2019  

How to Fix Socket Error 10060 on Windows?

I have received an error message, and I don’t know what to do about it.More
Fix   May 13, 2019  

How to Fix Windows 10 Game Bar Error “Can’t Record Right Now, Try Again Later?”

I have the issue with Xbox Game. The recording does not work.More
Fix   May 12, 2019  

How to Fix "Windows Search Not Working" on Windows 10?

Hello, there’s something wrong with Windows search - it doesn’t work anymore.More
Fix   May 07, 2019  

How to fix This app can't run on your PC error?

I have just downloaded a program on my ASUS computer, but for some reason, I cannot launch it.More
Fix   May 06, 2019  

How to Fix 0xc1900101 – 0x4000d Error during Windows 10 Installation?

I have encountered this issue for a long time now. My gaming PC gives me issues when I try to install Win 10.More
Fix   May 03, 2019  

How to Fix Kernel Power 41 Error on Windows 10?

Why am I encountering the Kernel Power 41 Error on Windows 10?More
Fix   April 30, 2019