How to fix Dragon age inquisition crash on startup?

Hello. I run into a problem. I get the error on Dragon Age: Inquisition crash on startup.More
Fix   September 22, 2020  

How to Fix VCRUNTIME140.dll is Missing Error on Windows?

Hello. Recently I am not able to run Photoshop, and Skype due to “The program can’t start because VCRUNTIME140.dll is missing from your computer” error.More
Fix   September 18, 2020  

How to fix Steam content file locked error?

Hello. I was trying to update a Path of Exile game via Steam, and I received a "Content file locked" error.More
Fix   September 17, 2020  

How to fix DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG error?

Hi guys. I rarely get any errors on my PC , but recently I keep getting same error whenever I am playing Call of Duty World War II.More
Fix   September 15, 2020  

How to fix vccorelib141xvd.dll is missing error?

Hello, I need help. I get the error about missing vccorelib141xvd.dll and have no idea what it is about.More
Fix   September 14, 2020  

How to fix Kernel Panic error on Mac?

Help! When I close my laptop without shutting down, once I open it the system seems to be shut down without my permission.More
Fix   September 11, 2020  

How to fix Disk Defragmenter doesn’t work in Windows 10?

Hello. I have the issue with my hard disk because I receive the optimization message, but the process is not staring or gets completed.More
Fix   September 09, 2020  

How to fix Windows 10 can’t be installed on GPT partition?

Hello. I recently wanted to reinstall Windows from scratch but encountered an unexpected error I have never seen before - it says that incorrect partition type GPT is used.More
Fix   September 08, 2020  

How to fix Microsoft Flight Simulator download error 499?

Hello. I get the download error with the "Something went wrong with the download, see 499" message.More
Fix   September 07, 2020  

How to fix HDMI port not working in Windows 10?

Hi, I have problem with the HDMI cable when trying to connect my laptop to a TV.More
Fix   September 04, 2020  

How to fix 0xC10100BF error (This file isn’t playable)?

Hello. I have an issue with the 0xC10100BF error that shows up on the screen and keeps me from playing anything on my media player.More
Fix   September 01, 2020  

How to fix 0x800f0988 and 0x800f08a errors in Windows 10?

Hi, I heard many complaints from people about Windows update errors before but never encountered one myself.More
Fix   August 31, 2020  

How to fix 0x80240008 error on Windows 10?

Hello. I cannot run the update on my Windows device. I get the error code 0x80240008 and my Win 10 cannot get the upgrade.More
Fix   August 28, 2020  

How to fix Time Machine stuck on preparing backup?

Hello. I have an issue with the Time Machine function on my Mac.More
Fix   August 27, 2020  

How to fix Windows 10 stuck at “Choose your keyboard layout” screen?

Hello. I've upgraded to Windows 10, but apparently, the process did not succeed as I received an error attempting_execut_on_nonexecute_memory, which was followed by a forced system restart. At boot, the system got stuck at "choose your keyboard layout screen" screen.More
Fix   August 26, 2020