What are cookies and should I delete them?

What are cookies and how are they useful? There were almost two billion websites in the world wide web in 2019,, and the number is increasing exponentially.More
News   September 02, 2020  

Avoid getting your data stored or even sold with no-log VPN services

Government agencies, marketing companies, and other third-party actors can target to get or even pay for information about your habits online . More
News   June 26, 2020  

Is someone spying on my phone? Stop your mobile phone tracking

There are many ways to spy on you, and your cell phone is perfect for it. More
News   June 16, 2020  

Can Zoom slip on its own success? Too many privacy concerns

Zoom skyrockets during stay-home period counting up to 200 million users worldwide. More
News   May 12, 2020  

Coronavirus and cybersecurity: how to securely work from home

The rise in cyber attacks shows that internet security is a serious issue: ways to ensure internet privacy while you are at home. More
News   April 01, 2020  

Critical vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins exploited in the wild

Bugs in WordPress possibly allowed hackers to gain admin rights and clean off data from vulnerable websites. More
News   February 24, 2020  

Microsoft hopes to get back into browser war with its Chromium-based Edge

Microsoft strives to take some of the browser market share with its Chromium-based browser. More
News   January 23, 2020  

Microsoft looks forward to releasing Windows 10 1909 during this week

The new 19H2 Windows 10 update seems to be a remarkable one. More
News   October 02, 2019  

McAfee issued a fix for users that were kept out of their Windows PCs

McAfee released updates that locked Windows users out of their PCs: the issue can be fixed now . More
News   July 17, 2019  

D-Link agrees to improve its security in the FTC settlement

D-Link agreed to improve its systems security as a part of FTC settlement. More
News   July 03, 2019  

Checkers & Rally’s data breach: customers in 19 states affected

Checkers restaurant chain discloses a data breach: malware got access to customer payment card data. More
News   May 31, 2019  

How to fix Windows errors by using DISM?

Windows is a highly customizable operating system, first developed by Microsoft 33 years ago - in 1985.More
News   May 24, 2019  

What are the most common computer problems?

Computer users encounter issues with their devices more often than we can imagine and there is more than one reason for the slowness of your computer or occasional freezes and crashes.More
News   March 08, 2019  

2018: phishing attempts have increased by 250%

The number of phishing campaigns has risen up to 250% worldwide during 2018. More
News   March 08, 2019  

How useful is Cortana? Try it to find out!

Cortana is a useful virtual assistant that more people should make use of. More
News   February 28, 2019