What are cookies and should I delete them?

What are cookies and how are they useful? There are well over 1 billion websites on the World Wide Web as of 2024, and while the vast majority of them are inactive , that still leaves over 200 million websites that are actively maintained and interacted with.More
News   March 12, 2024  

Miners and how to avoid them

Cybercriminals jump the crypto hype train: what you should know about illegal crypto mining. More
News   March 05, 2024  

From PC repair to online defense: introducing Fortect Browsing Protection

Enhancing security with browser extensions: Fortect Browsing Protection. More
News   August 09, 2023  

Legal challenge for Malwarebytes: scrutiny over labeling competing apps as "Unwanted"

A cybersecurity company is accused of mislabeling competitor's products. More
News   June 08, 2023  

Decentralized autonomous organizations: revolutionizing security and social platforms

Decentralized platforms replace centralized management functions. More
News   February 24, 2023  

Windows 11: is it worth upgrading? All the known issues

The release of Windows 11: is it wise to get into it right away, or should Windows 10 issues encourage users to wait? More
News   September 29, 2021  

4 Methods to Restore Windows 10

Windows 10: intricate operating system with some issues. Windows 10 is considered to be one of the most advanced operating systems developed by Microsoft.More
News   June 17, 2021  

Microsoft: Windows will prevent installation of unverified drivers

The new rules would result in "Windows can't verify the publisher of this driver software" errors for some users. More
News   October 16, 2020  

Data backup and recovery: importance and implementation

What is data backup and recovery and why is it important? In technical terms, data backup is an implementation of processes and technologies of making copies of valuable files in particular time intervals.More
News   September 23, 2020  

Avoid getting your data stored or even sold with no-log VPN services

Government agencies, marketing companies, and other third-party actors can target to get or even pay for information about your habits online . More
News   June 26, 2020  

Is someone spying on my phone? Stop your mobile phone tracking

There are many ways to spy on you, and your cell phone is perfect for it. More
News   June 16, 2020  

Can Zoom slip on its own success? Too many privacy concerns

Zoom skyrockets during stay-home period counting up to 200 million users worldwide. More
News   May 12, 2020  

Coronavirus and cybersecurity: how to securely work from home

The rise in cyber attacks shows that internet security is a serious issue: ways to ensure internet privacy while you are at home. More
News   April 01, 2020  

Critical vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins exploited in the wild

Bugs in WordPress possibly allowed hackers to gain admin rights and clean off data from vulnerable websites. More
News   February 24, 2020  

Microsoft hopes to get back into browser war with its Chromium-based Edge

Microsoft strives to take some of the browser market share with its Chromium-based browser. More
News   January 23, 2020