MacKeeper review, free download

MacKeeper review

MacKeeper from Kromtech Alliance Corp. is a software for Mac OS X that secures and optimizes the system. This year, MacKeeper celebrates 5th anniversary with a total number of downloads surpassing 20 million. Naturally, you can find both negative and positive reviews on the Internet. Nevertheless, positive reviews prevail and, more importantly, the most of them are left by Mac security experts. This optimization utility is praised for speed, simplicity, and multifunctionality.

MacKeeper developers provide 6 basic features that compose the software and make it stand out from the others. First of all, its users are provided with the ability to contact Apple Certified Support Professional 24/7 if any problem that he/she is not capable of solving emerges and all detected errors can be fixed remotely. This is a widely appreciated idea as it appears to be very helpful for the users that are not very advanced Mac users. Moreover, MacKeeper can offer comprehensive cleaning accessories for junk (caches, logs, legacy application parts) removal, freeing up disk space, and removal (with the user’s approval only) of the files that has been designed for other platforms.

MacKeeper also offers built-in Smart Uninstaller and Duplicate Finder functions, which help to remove unnecessary applications and duplicate files thus preventing future junk. It will also reduce your Mac’s boot time, detect which applications increase boot time and allow you to select which of them should be launched while booting the system and which not. By the way, it will inform about new software updates, provide with a quick search for lost and misplaced files, and allow to recover deleted files. Most of the users nowadays are concerned about their cyber security. With MacKeeper, you personal information will be invisible to other users and you will be able to delete unwanted files once and for all without a chance to recover them. In case it’s still seems not safe, then you will be able to use data encryptor that will make your personal files accessible with a password only. Last, but not least, MacKeeper will take care of your Mac’s protection no matter whether it’s online or offline. This tool provides protection from phishing scams, malware, spyware, adware, viruses and identity theft. Besides, it has an Anti-Theft function. In case you want to try MacKeeper, you can install its trial version. However, a standard version costs $59.95, while a premium version with a whole pack of functions costs $89.95.

So, why should I select MacKeeper?

All the MacKeeper’s features that we have listed above probably left you no space for doubts if it’s really reliability and usefulness. Although MacKeeper costs a considerable amount of money, it’s really worth them. The program will not only speed up your Mac and clean registry errors, but will also provide the ability to chat with professional technicians 24/7, remove useless, no longer needed programs and files, increase your Mac’s performance, allow recovering data, protect your privacy, help to keep your Mac unaffected by malicious programs and online frauds, as well as help you find your Mac in case of theft. All in all, this multifunctional Mac optimization tool is an all-inclusive piece of software that will help to keep your Mac healthy and secure.


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