How to uninstall “Share Code SD333 to the Agent to Fix This”?

Recently, when I‘m browsing I keep noticing this message called as “share code to the agent to fix this.“ I suppose, it is a virus, isn‘t it? More
Uninstall   November 15, 2016  

MacKeeper customers can now get a refund

Users of Mac optimization tool MacKeeper can now get a refund, if they claim it by November 30th. More
News   August 10, 2015  

MacKeeper review and download

MacKeeper review MacKeeper from Kromtech Alliance Corp. is a software for Mac OS X that secures and optimizes the system. More
Optimize   August 12, 2015  

How to uninstall Web of Trust?

I want to uninstall this Web of Trust plug-in completely, but not sure how to do it properly. More
Uninstall   November 14, 2016  

How to Uninstall TuneUp Maestro on Windows?

I got pop-ups from TuneUp Maestro so often that I can‘t stand them anymore. More
Uninstall   November 03, 2016  

How to Remove Hicurdismos Malware(Fake Microsoft Security Essentials)?

Hello. I have a bad feeling that I have installed malware on my PC. More
Uninstall   October 23, 2016  

How to fix warning alerts' (while opening URL files) issue in Windows 10?

Every time I try to open .url type file which is located in “Favorites” folder, I get this security warning message asking me whether I really want to open the file. More
Uninstall   October 13, 2016  

How to Uninstall Easy-Hide-IP on Windows OS?

I can’t uninstall Easy-Hide-IP completely. My PC runs Windows 10. More
Uninstall   September 19, 2016  

How to Uninstall IMVU Avatar Chat on Windows?

Hi guys. I’ve recently installed IMVU Avatar Chat, which appeared to be a real nonsense to me. More
Uninstall   September 11, 2016  

How to uninstall SlimCleaner Plus frrom Windows OS?

SlimCleaner Plus was installed on my computer long time ago. More
Uninstall   September 06, 2016  

How to Uninstall Clonezilla 1.2.2-31 on Windows?

I thought that I uninstalled Clonezilla successfully, but it seems that I didn’t. More
Uninstall   September 05, 2016  

How to Uninstall Windows Updates Downloader on Windows?

Please tell me how could I uninstall Windows Updates Downloader along with all the files I’ve downloaded using it? More
Uninstall   September 03, 2016  
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