How to uninstall Win Speedup 2018

Hi. I noticed some suspicious activity of Speedup 2018 program on my computer.More
Uninstall   April 26, 2018  

How to uninstall Web Companion?

I was caught in bundling trick as by installing another free app I ended up installing Web Companion.More
Uninstall   April 19, 2018  

How to uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials?

Hello. Every time I boot my Windows 10 PC I get an error message about Microsoft Security Essentials.More
Uninstall   April 17, 2018  

How to remove Four virus?

Can you help me to deal with notifications about Four virus?More
Uninstall   March 12, 2018  

How to share Wi-Fi from Mac?

Hi, I started wondering whether it is possible to make a Wi-Fi hotspot on mac similarly like on iPhone?More
Uninstall   February 13, 2018  

How to remove “Firefox requires a manual update” pop-up?

Hi, all. Could you please tell me how to disable forced Mozilla Firefox update prompts?More
Uninstall   January 27, 2018  

How to uninstall SafePCKit?

What kind of program is SafePCKit? I found it installed on my PC, but I can’t remember installing it.More
Uninstall   January 24, 2018  

How to stop Command Prompt pop up

Hello, I have recently noticed that Command Prompt keeps popping up each half an hour or so.More
Uninstall   January 16, 2018  

How to remove “Your device is under threat” pop-up?

Hi guys. For the last couple of days Windows Defender keeps showing a notification, which says “Your device is under threat.” It says to turn on virus protection.More
Uninstall   January 14, 2018  

How to Delete Your Google Account?

I have a few Google accounts. However, I use only one. Thus, I would like to delete the ones I do not use.More
Uninstall   December 21, 2017  

How to Uninstall Kaspersky Internet Security?

My problem is rather simple – I can‘t uninstall Kaspersky Internet Security.More
Uninstall   December 20, 2017  

How to Remove “Windows Has Detected a Malicious Virus On Your System” Pop-Up?

Hello all. Today I get a really suspicious warning claiming “Windows Has Detected a Malicious Virus On Your System.” It does not look like a genuine alert from Microsoft.More
Uninstall   December 15, 2017  

How to Disable Pre-Installed Apps on Android?

I’ve got a new smartphone with Android OS, but there are so many pre-installed apps!More
Uninstall   December 15, 2017  

How to remove Chromesearch.win from the browser?

I found chromesearch.win set as my default Chrome search engine.More
Uninstall   December 13, 2017  

How to Uninstall Java from Mac?

I am concerned about Java security issues, and I want to remove it from my Mac OS X.More
Uninstall   December 11, 2017