How to Uninstall PCRegFixer Registry Cleaner?

Issue: Hello, I have found PCRegFixer Registry Cleaner on my computer after it started spamming me with prompts to buy its license. Where did it come from, and how can I uninstall this PCRegFixer?

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PCRegFixer is a tool that is allegedly designed to fix problems with the Windows registry[1] and fully optimize a Windows machine and increase its stability and security. However, the app is actually a potentially unwanted program that usually gets into computers behind users' backs and shows false-positives in order to make them buy its licensed version. The best way to deal with it is to uninstall PCRegFixer, as it does not bring any benefits for users.

Besides being a PUP, PCRegFixer is a type of software that belongs to the scareware[2] category. These programs often perform scans without user initiation and report many issues, often flagging them in red colors and blowing everything out of proportions. In other cases, PUPs mark legitimate files or processes as problematic or even malicious and claim that they need to be removed. In other words, PCRegFixer is there to show fake scan results to intimidate users.

In reality, the picked-up items are such harmless components like Google Chrome cookies[3] or leftover registry entries that do not harm the computer. In fact, PCRegFixer is a system optimizer that focuses on the Windows registry and claims that its cleaning is necessary for normal device operation.

PCRegFixer Registry Cleaner removal tutorialUninstall PCRegFixer Registry Cleaner

In reality, these claims are very untrue, as the registry is simply a database that used to hold various configuration settings of the system, software, hardware, etc. Microsoft itself discourages users from applying “fixes” to the registry with suchlike tools, as they might straight out corrupt the operation of a healthy OS:[4]

Some products such as registry cleaning utilities suggest that the registry needs regular maintenance or cleaning. However, serious issues can occur when you modify the registry incorrectly using these types of utilities. These issues might require users to reinstall the operating system due to instability.

Therefore, never use potentially unwanted programs like the PCRegFixer registry cleaner to optimize your machine, as it might damage it beyond repair. If you found yourself in a situation where scareware or another app corrupted some of your Windows system files, you could perform a scan with a PC repair tool FortectMac Washing Machine X9 – it could easily save you from Windows reinstallation process.

PCRegFixer Registry Cleaner also acts like malware

Another reason to uninstall PCRegFixer is due to its suspicious activities post-infection as well persistence techniques it uses. Those who get infected with the PUP often start seeing a much more dubious activity than a those who are affected by a regular browser hijacker or adware.

Once installed, PCRegFixer runs a process in the background under the name wmplayer.exe, purpose of which is to show users a fraudulent scam message which claims about non-existing threats on the Windows 10 background. The attributes of Windows and Microsoft are often used in tech support scam schemes, and this one is no exception. Users can see the following message:

Microsoft has detected some suspicious activity on this computer. All access to this device has been revoked due to a network security breach. Attackers might attempt to steal personal information, banking details, email, passwords, and other files on this system.
Please contact a Microsoft certified technician on +18776941835

PCRegFixer Registry Cleaner malicious messagePCRegFixer Registry Cleaner prompts fake tech support messages

Keep in mind that all information provided on the “Microsoft has detected some suspicious activity on this computer” scam message is fake. Its purpose is to make people call the given number so that scammers could benefit from inexperienced users.

To stop the Tech-Support-Scam alerts and fake registry cleaning, you have to uninstall PCRegFixer Registry Cleaner immediately. Below you will find precise steps oh how to remove PCRegFixer from your machine completely, so follow them carefully.

Step 1. Disable all the related background processes

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PCRegFixer might use persistence techniques in order to prevent users from uninstalling it. To avoid that, it is important to shut down all the background processes related to it, including the wmplayer.exe:

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the Task Manager
  • Click on More details
  • Sort applications and processes by name
  • Find PCRegFixer under Apps (as well as Background Processes)
  • Click on the entry and press End task at the bottom-right of the Task Manager window Terminate all PCRegFixer processesTerminate all PCRegFixer processes
  • Now locate wmplayer.exe and shut it down as well

Note: if for some reason you are unable to shut down PCRegFixer-related processes, you can use a third-party app like Rkill or access Safe Mode – here's how to do it:

  • Right-click on Start and pick Settings
  • Go to Update & Security and click Recovery
  • Find Advanced startup section and click Restart now Access Safe ModeAccess Safe Mode
  • After a restart, you will be presented with Choose an option screen
  • Go to Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings and pick Restart
  • Once the PC restarts, press F5 or 5 to to enter Safe Mode with Networking

Step 2. Uninstall PCRegFixer Registry Cleaner via the Control Panel

  • Type Control Panel into Windows search bar and press Enter
  • Go to Programs > Uninstall a program
  • Right click on PCRegFixer and select Uninstall Uninstall PCRegFixer via Control PanelUninstall PCRegFixer via Control Panel
  • Follow the on-screen instructions

Step 3. Reset Google Chrome

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In order to stop PCRegFixer from showing fake messages, you should also reset all the installed browsers. Let's start from Google Chrome:

  • Open Chrome and go to Menu > Settings
  • Scroll down and select Advanced
  • Find Reset and clean up section, and pick Restore settings to their original defaults
  • Confirm with Reset settings Reset Google ChromeReset Google Chrome

Step 4. Reset Mozilla Firefox

  • In Firefox, go to Menu > Help
  • Select Troubleshooting Information
  • Click Refresh Firefox…
  • To confirm, press Refresh Firefox Reset Mozilla FirefoxReset Mozilla Firefox

Step 5. Reset Internet Explorer

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To uninstall these files, you have to purchase licensed version of Fortect uninstall software.
  • Click Gear icon on Internet Explorer
  • Go to Internet Options and select Advanced tab
  • Under Reset Internet Explorer settings, click Reset
  • Tick the Delete personal settings box and select Reset Reset Internet ExplorerReset Internet Explorer

Step 6. Reset MS Edge

  • In MS Edge browser, click Menu and then Privacy & security
  • Under Clear browsing data, pick Choose what to clear
  • Select all the boxes (you can leave passwords if you want) and select Clear Reset MS EdgeReset MS Edge

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