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Ugnius Kiguolis is the founder and editor-in-chief of UGetFix. He is a professional security specialist and malware analyst who has been working in IT industry for over 20 years. UGetFix is not his first project dedicated to helping people fighting computer viruses and dealing with various computer problems.

He noticed the lack of simple information about computer errors and simple tutorials that help to fix and optimize home computers, laptops and other devices. Thus, in 2015 Ugnius brought together a group of security experts, hardware specialists and IT industry professionals to share their expertise and help people to make the best of their computers by providing user-friendly guides on UGetFix.

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OpenAI CEO Sam Altman says GPT-5 will be miles ahead of "slightly embarassing at best" GPT-4

Sam Altman's Q&A at Stanford University reveals his plans for the future models. More
News   May 06, 2024  

Windows 11 upgrade: hardware requirement controversy explained

Not all Windows 11 changes were received positively. Released on October 5, 2021, Windows 11 is Microsoft's latest upgrade in the Windows NT series, succeeding Windows 10. More
News   April 23, 2024  

What are cookies and should I delete them?

What are cookies and how are they useful? There are well over 1 billion websites on the World Wide Web as of 2024, and while the vast majority of them are inactive , that still leaves over 200 million websites that are actively maintained and interacted with. More
News   March 12, 2024  

Restoro review

Restoro - a comprehensive solution for your Windows problems. More
Uninstall   March 10, 2023  

Microsoft remakes Edge desktop browser with Chromium components

Microsoft merges Edge with Chromium-based components and presents a browser for Windows 7, 8.1, 10 and macOS . More
News   December 07, 2018  

Download Bitdefender VPN

Bitdefender VPN - a new feature included in security software by default. More
Uninstall   June 22, 2018  

2018 FIFA World Cup: how to avoid email scams

Users should be aware of an increase in FIFA World Cup scams. More
News   June 04, 2018  

Roaming Mantis expands and embeds iOS phishing and mining scripts

Android malware now has evolved and uses 27 different languages. More
News   May 24, 2018  

Users are advised to change Twitter passwords right now

Twitter users must change passwords right away. On Thursday, Parag Agrawal, the chief Twitter technology officer has reported about a bug in the software. More
News   May 07, 2018  

Another macOS High Sierra bug can reveal your passwords

The flaw in macOS High Sierra can reveal your passwords after typing specific command in Terminal. More
News   March 27, 2018  

Spectre-like CPU flaws revealed in AMD’s Ryzen and Epyc processors

CTS-Labs discovered a Spectre-like vulnerability in AMD‘s Ryzen and EPYC chips. More
News   March 23, 2018  

Trump consultants learned about voters from their Facebook profiles

Facebook bans Cambridge Analytica, Christopher Wylie, and Aleksandr Kogan. More
News   March 19, 2018