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The latest update for Windows 10 v1607 clears Update History completely

As usually, Microsoft’s August patch Tuesday rolled out updates for all Windows versions. More
News   August 16, 2017  

Adobe to Discontinue Flash Distribution and Support in 2020

Every beginning has an end, and in the technology world, this cycle has never moved more rapidly. More
News   July 26, 2017  

How to recover files encrypted by Wannacry using Wanakiwi decrypter?

WannaCry ransomware has caused excessive damage to the home users, businesses and organizations alike. More
Recover   May 23, 2017  

Make Sure Your PC is Prepared for the Arrival of Windows 10 Creators Update

We all remember the fuss among Windows 10 community that was aroused by Windows Anniversary Update released in August 2016. More
News   April 04, 2017  

How to Protect Your Privacy on Public WiFi Networks?

Wi-Fi network made out lives much easier, isn’t it? Now we don’t need a wired connection to set a connection as we did several years ago. More
News   March 29, 2017  

Google’s Project Zero Leaks an Unpatched Microsoft Edge and IE Vulnerability

Both software developers and computer users are seriously worried about an increasing number of cyber attacks. More
News   March 11, 2017  

Windows 10 Creators Update Brings "Pause Updates" Feature

Microsoft and other IT-related forums are full of users’ complaints related to the forced Windows 10 Updates. More
News   December 30, 2016  

"No More Ransom" Project Brings In a New Force to Fight Back Ransomware

Have you ever been caught by a ransomware virus? Have you ever spend several hundreds of dollars trying to retrieve personal information stored on your PC? More
News   December 18, 2016  

Microsoft Edge the least vulnerable web browser? Not for long. Windows Built-in PDF reader found exposing Edge to hacking

Virus and malware attacks, software hacking, scamming, phishing, and similar cyber crimes have been present for a long time. More
News   December 16, 2016  

Get MacBooster

MacBooster Review MacBooster is a trustworthy optimization tool for Mac OS designed by IObit. More
Optimize   August 14, 2015  

Download Perfect Uninstaller for free

Perfect Uninstaller review Perfect Uninstaller is a software utility that has been created to help users uninstall programs on computers completely. More
Uninstall   August 13, 2015  

Data Recovery Pro scanner

Data Recovery Pro review Data Recovery Pro is a program we would highly advise you to have on your computer in order to avoid unpleasant surprises that might arise if you permanently delete a file from your computer or a letter from your email. More
Recover   August 12, 2015  
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