How to uninstall IObyte System Care?


Issue: How to uninstall IObyte System Care?

Hi! I have installed IObyte Advanced SystemCare product last month and have not received the quality that was expected to be provided. In the end, I am here to ask you how can I safely and effectively remove the program so that it will not appear out of anywhere after some time? Thanks in advance.

Solved Answer

IObyte System Care, also known as IObyte Advanced SystemCare or just Advanced SystemCare, is a bogus computer program[1] that might be advertised as a reputable security product by its own developers. However, its functions and features appear to be questionable as the program does not truly fulfill everything as promised.

Even though IObyte System Care might be promoted as a tool for ultimate computer protection, it really only imitates full system scans and provides a long list of fake infections/errors found. Later on, the users are encouraged to purchase the licensed version of this tool which appears to be the main goal of the program's developers.

Besides, you should uninstall IObyte System Care from your Windows computer system as it often reaches the targeted machine via a deceptive technique, known as “bundling”. Keep in mind that no trustworthy company will try to sneak in their own products or services secretly by manipulating weak security levels of other software packages.

Remove IObyte System CareUninstall IObyte System Care from your Windows computer

According to Malwarebytes users,[2] Malwarebytes Antimalware has detected IObyte System Care as PUP.Optional.AdvancedSystemCare and this only admits the fact that the software cannot be trusted. All it does is just take space on your computer and push fake alerts to your desktop to receive as much income as possible.

The thought to uninstall IObyte System Care is a very good option and it can be done manually or automatically. We have provided you with four different tasks that should appear helpful. Before, after you remove the potentially unwanted content, do not forget to replace it with another reputable antivirus program if you do not have one running yet.

How to uninstall IObyte System Care?

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To uninstall these files, you have to purchase licensed version of Fortect uninstall software.

Task 1. Eliminate the tool by using the Control Panel

Uninstall now!
To uninstall these files, you have to purchase licensed version of Fortect uninstall software.

An easy way to uninstall IObyte System Care, also known as Advanced SystemCare, manually is to clean the Programs lists on your Windows computer. Find the program throughout the menu and get rid of it by completing the following:

  1. Go to Windows Search.
  2. Find the Control Panel.
  3. Enter it and continue with the Program section. Eliminate IObyte System Care softwareGet rid of IObyte System Care tool by using the Control Panel
  4. Select Add/Remove a program.
  5. Afterward, find the Advanced SystemCare application.
  6. Select Remove.

Once you have completed these actions, the bogus security tool should have vanished from your application list. However, this might not be the only task to complete if you are looking forward to deleting the program entirely and preventing its repeated appearance in the upcoming future. Regarding this, you need to eliminate all related entries[3] and files.

Task 2. Get rid of bogus files

Uninstall now!
To uninstall these files, you have to purchase licensed version of Fortect uninstall software.

This task is also a very important and necessary step to take if you want to permanently uninstall IObyte System Care. In order to locate all related products, perform the following steps:

  1. Boot your computer and visit the My Computer section.
  2. Click the drive name where you have downloaded the bogus product. Usually, C:\\Program Files is the location where the suspicious security tool is placed. Get rid of IObyte System Care productsClean your system from IObyte System Care files
  3. Find any folder of file with the IObit name or anything related to Advanced SystemCare and right-click it.
  4. After that, select the delete key.

Task 3. Make suspicious entries vanish also

Uninstall now!
To uninstall these files, you have to purchase licensed version of Fortect uninstall software.

Once you have uninstalled IObit System Care itself and removed all of its related files, there might still be some questionable-looking entries placed in the Registry Editor section. Find out the true status and get rid of IObit-related content:

  1. Press the Windows key and the R button together and hold them for a few seconds.
  2. Once a small white-run box appears, type in regedit.
  3. Click on Enter to launch the Registry Editor. Delete IObyte System Care programIObyte System Care can be uninstalled fully by terminating related registry entries
  4. Select the location with the name of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE.
  5. Find anything related to IObit and remove all of the content discovered.

Task 4. Automatical solution

Uninstall now!
To uninstall these files, you have to purchase licensed version of Fortect uninstall software.

If you completed all the above-mentioned tasks that are necessary to uninstall IObit System Care and you still did not succeed in the process, there might be some type of error, threat, or corrupted content that might be preventing you from removing the bogus product effectively. In this case, you can perform a full system scan with Fortect and detect the reason why you cannot get rid of the fake security software or maybe find other suspicious products that were not spotted before.

Get rid of programs with only one click

You can uninstall this program with the help of the step-by-step guide presented to you by experts. To save your time, we have also selected tools that will help you carry out this task automatically. If you are in a hurry or if you feel that you are not experienced enough to uninstall the program by your own, feel free to use these solutions:

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