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About Lucia Danes

Lucia Danes is the news editor at UGetFix. She is always on the move because the eager for knowledge makes her travel around the globe and attend InfoSec events and conferences. She is responsible for sharing straight-to-the-point articles and user-friendly tutorials on UGetFix website.

Lucia loves IT industry. However, after spending years in the industry analyzing cyber security trends, malware, and computer-related problems, she realized that there are not enough clear and simple how-tos available online. Thus, her mission on UGetFix is to create easy-to-follow tutorials and write in simple terms to make them understandable for inexperienced computer users.

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Posts published by Lucia Danes

Data backup and recovery: importance and implementation

What is data backup and recovery and why is it important? In technical terms, data backup is an implementation of processes and technologies of making copies of valuable files in particular time intervals. More
News   September 23, 2020  

Can Zoom slip on its own success? Too many privacy concerns

Zoom skyrockets during stay-home period counting up to 200 million users worldwide. More
News   May 12, 2020  

How useful is Cortana? Try it to find out!

Cortana is a useful virtual assistant that more people should make use of. More
News   February 28, 2019  

New cold boot attack allows to steal encryption keys

A new Cold Boot Attack version lets attackers steal valuable data. More
News   September 17, 2018  

Canadian banks suffered from data breach: 90,000 clients’ data stolen

Two Canadian banks got hacked: 90,000 customer’s information has been stolen. More
News   May 30, 2018  

New wave of phishing emails targets Netflix users

Crooks are using advanced phishing email writing techniques to steal people's credit card details. More
News   May 16, 2018  

Google says no to cryptocurrency ads

Google bans cryptocurrency ads from June; Bitcoin value fell already. More
News   March 16, 2018  

Sophisticated RedDrop malware spies on Android users

Data-stealing RedDrop malware spread in 53 infected apps on third-party stores. More
News   March 02, 2018  

Windows Update KB4078130 disables Spectre Variant 2 patch

The story of the Spectre and Meltdown CPU flaws hasn’t yet ended. More
News   January 30, 2018  

Top 5 antivirus with data recovery feature

Through the past couple of years, the number of cyber attacks significantly increased. More
News   January 02, 2018  

5 tips for safe online shopping on Black Friday 2017

Cyber criminals are preparing traps for shopaholics. The massive shopping free will be held on the 24th of November. More
News   November 14, 2017  

Google Chrome will include new features to fight malvertising

Google adds three new security features to Chrome. The technology company Google introduced three security updates to Chrome web browser that will roll up next year. More
News   November 10, 2017