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Through the past couple of years, the number of cyber attacks significantly increased.[1] Ransomware, keyloggers, spyware, worms, cryptocurrency miners, and other infections are getting more and more intricate. Consequently, cyber attacks spread globally and cause damage to home PC uses and companies.[2]

According to cyber security experts, malware attacks are not going to decrease within 2018, so it‘s a must to ensure a proper PC‘s protection. Normally, a powerful antivirus and antimalware is sufficient to protect the system from Trojan, ransomware, and other malware, so make sure to install one and keep it up to date. Which antivirus with data recovery to choose?

Unfortunately, there‘s no anti-malware tool that would grant a hundred percent protection. The most dangerous viruses, for example ransomware, are continuously improved, which is why even the best anti-malware can fail to recognize the pest. Consequently, there‘s a high-risk of losing the most important data that is stored on your PC.

More often than not, ransomware targets file formats, such as .png, .jpg, .doc, .vmi, .xlsx, and similar. Thus, personal files like documents and pictures will certainly be locked. In addition to purchasing the decryption key from frauds, the victims of ransomware and other virus that damage data can recover encrypted files with a data recovery tool.

There are tens of data recovery programs on the market, but the minority of them are powerful enough to recover files encrypted by ransomware. Luckily, some cyber security giants started releases powerful antivirus programs with an inbuilt data recovery feature or Rescue CD.[3] Thus, if you want to protect your data from corruption in 2018, consider installing one of the following tools.


Bitdefender Total Security is a versatile security tool, which offers computer, mobile, and online protection. It exhibits a complete data protection, advanced threat defense, webcam protection, multi-layer ransomware protection, anti-fraud, secure browsing, and other features.

According to AV-test results,[4] Bitdefender collected 5.94 from 6 points in protection agains infections and featured low impacr on PC‘s performance during scan process. Anti-malware got 5.76 out of 6 points, which is more than enough to keep the PC secure.

Although Bitdefender antivirus does nor have an inbuilt data recovery feature, it offers a Bitdefender Rescue CD, which is a free tool for recovering data infected by malware. The tool is launched in a safe environment without even loading the OS. Bitdefender Rescue CD detects and decrypts encrypted data automatically, which can further be saved in a CD, DVD or USB.

Norton (by Symantec)

Norton (by Symantec) is considered to be one of the best antivirus tools for many years. It consistently ranks high for its malware detection and malware blocking. Besides, it offers a full pack of features that ensure an excellent all-around Internet security.

According to AV-Test, Norton Security scored 100% protection against 0-days, as well as prevalent and widespread malware attacks. Besides, this tool does not slow down PC‘s performance during the scan even if the PC‘s owner is playing games, visiting online websites or watching vidoes at the same time.

The company offers not only virus protection, but security antivirus with backup and data recovery feature.


Panda antivirus is dubbed as effective tool against malware protection. However, according to most tests results, it can hardly be ranked as a top product. Although other antivirus programs exceed Panda, it should not be underestimated as it offers a bunch of helpful features, including rescue disk tool, automatic USB scanning and built-in firewall. In 2016, Panda Security ranked high in both protection and performance.

One of the Panda‘s cons is that it tends to affect PC‘s performance by slowing it down a little bit, especially during scan. Besides, sometimes it may fail to distinguish between good and bad files.

Despite the minor cons, Panda is extremely useful in case of ransomware attacks. The tool allows creating a rescue USB drive, which allows booting the system even if it can‘t boot because of virus infection. Besides, it comes with a data recovery protection safeguard, which both protects and recovers the corrupted data in case of emergency.


F-Secure antivirus can be found among top ten tools on various cyber security-related websites and test sites.[5] It is extremely praised for miscellanious device support (Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, Windows Phone.)
According to AV-test results, F-Secure is perfect in protection against 0-days and widespread malware as it scored 6 points out of possible 6. Regarding performance, it scored 5.5 out if 6, which means that some slowdowns when launching popular websites or installing apps have been noticed.

Nevertheless, F-Secure is yet another antivirus tool, which does not require installing an additional data-recovery tool. In case of ransomware attack, F-Secure can offer a Rescue CD, which can be downloaded from the developer‘s website and used for booting the system after virus attack or recovering corrupted/accidentally deleted data.

Trend Micro

In 2016, Trend Micro has been awarded a Top Product Product Certificate among a field of 22 products tested.[6] The tool exhibits perfect virus and malware protection and does not affect PC‘s performance neither when in the background nor during the scan.

The tool features 100% protection against malicious web and email threats. It‘s important to stress the fact that the tool a powerful anti-malware system that detects ransomware and prevents it from executing its files on the system.

On top of that, Trend Micro offers a Full Disk Encryption Recovery Tool. It‘s a bootable disk that can be used for repairing PC in case of malware profusion. Besides, the tool can repair log in issues and recover encrypted data.

Bonus: Reimage

Although Reimage does not fall for the category of antivirus and antimalware, it‘s a powerful PC‘s optimization utility, which comes with an built in Avira AntiVir engine. To put it simpler, this tool is capable of both repairing PC‘s functions and protecting the system from malware/virus.

Reimage database consists of more than 25,000,000 essential system components, which is regularly updated. Therefore, the tool is capable of fixing problems that stem from files corrupted after virus attack, hardware failure and similar. Cyber security experts recommend having this tool installed as it may not only optimize and protect your PC, but also get it back to the previous state.

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