How to uninstall SlimCleaner Plus from Windows OS?

Hello. SlimCleaner Plus was installed on my computer a long time ago.More
Uninstall   February 10, 2020  

How to Uninstall VirusBarrier X8 from Mac OS X?

Hello. I would like to find out the right way to uninstall VirusBarrier X8.More
Uninstall   February 03, 2020  

How to fix No Audio Output Device is installed error?

Hello. My Windows updates recently installed automatically, and after that, I figured that I have a problem - there is something wrong with my audio, as it does not work.More
Uninstall   January 30, 2020  

How to uninstall File Association Helper on Windows OS?

I need to remove File Association Helper but cannot find its uninstaller.More
Uninstall   January 15, 2020  

How to uninstall Advanced Mac Cleaner?

Greetings. For some time now, I have been struggling with an application that simply won’t leave my device no matter what .More
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How to uninstall DirectX?

I have recently upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 8. Most of the games I used to play on older Windows version stopped working and failing with a DirectX error.More
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How to Remove Pidage.dll File?

Hello. I have noticed that my web browser is constantly redirecting me to amisites.com.More
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How to uninstall NowYouSeeIt Player?

Hi, I got this application installed on my computer - NowYouSeeIt.More
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How to Uninstall PCRegFixer Registry Cleaner?

Hello, I have found PCRegFixer Registry Cleaner on my computer after it started spamming me with prompts to buy its license.More
Uninstall   December 05, 2019  

How to uninstall PCMax?

Hi. I have recently noticed a new program which has appeared a few days ago on my computer — PCMax.More
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How to Uninstall iTunes on Mac OS X?

Hello. When trying to uninstall iTunes on Mac OS X, I keep receiving an error message that says that Mac OS requires it.More
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What is the About:Blank and how to remove it?

Hello, something recently changed about my Google Chrome browser.More
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How to uninstall AVG Web TuneUp?

Hello. For some reason, I cannot uninstall AVG Web Tuneup completely from the device.More
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How to turn off Safari suggestions on Mac, iPad, and iPhone?

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How to Delete Your Twitter Account Permanently?

I’m not using Twitter yet, but I’m about to register. However, before starting, I want to know if it is possible to remove the Twitter account permanently? More
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