How to fix Error Code 0x1F on Windows 10?

Keyboard issues! My keyboard is not working properly since I’ve downloaded the last driver update.More
Fix   November 02, 2016  

How to Fix Slow Boot-up and Startup problems on Windows 10?

Hello. I’m using Windows 10 computer for more than a half of the year.More
Fix   November 01, 2016  

How to Fix Error Code 0x80240024 on Windows 10 Store?

I can’t install games that I download through Windows 10 Store.More
Fix   October 26, 2016  

How to Fix Windows Defender Update Failure with an Error Code 0x80070643?

Windows Defender update fails to install due to the error 0x80070643.More
Fix   October 26, 2016  

How to Fix Battery Drain Issue After Windows 10 Anniversary Update?

I’ve installed Windows 10 Anniversary Update believing that it’s going to improve my laptop’s performance.More
Fix   October 24, 2016  

How to fix “Your PC needs to be repaired. Error code: 0xc000014c“ problem?

When I turned the computer on, the black screen emerged saying that Windows could not start normally and I need to repair my device.More
Fix   October 24, 2016  

How to fix boot error “0xc000000e: Windows failed to start”?

I have no idea what the hell is happening on my PC! The screen shows RECOVERY and asks to insert installation media, press F8, but that did not help.More
Fix   October 22, 2016  

How to fix Windows 0xC0000221: STATUS_IMAGE_CHECKSUM_MISMATCH error?

I tried performing several system recoveries but to no avail.More
Fix   October 20, 2016  

How to fix "This Device Is Not Configured Correctly (Code 1)" bug on Windows?

I assume that my laptop has run into a serious problem. Whenever I try to load a video or music player, I receive a pop-up message saying “This Device Is Not Configured Correctly .” Sometimes the same message is thrown when I attempt to open a file with PDF.More
Fix   October 19, 2016  

How to fix ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error on Chrome?

I’m a new Windows 10 user and I’m currently unable to use Google Chrome browser at all.More
Fix   October 19, 2016  

How to fix flashing folder question mark issue on Mac OS?

A flashing folder with a question marks appears every time I try to start up to Mac OS.More
Fix   October 17, 2016  

How to fix Windows Update Error Code 0x8007054?

Automatic Windows 10 update cannot be installed due to the error code 0x80070543.More
Fix   October 16, 2016  

How to fix Live Mail error 0x801941F7?

Why does a live mail error code 0x801941F7 is showing again and again?More
Fix   October 14, 2016  

How to fix SystemSettingsAdminFlows.exe error on Windows 10?

Why am I continuously receiving a pop-up, which asks for an administrator user and reports SystemSettingsAdminFlows.exe to be broken?More
Fix   October 13, 2016  

How to Fix Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB3194798 Installation Error?

Seriously? Another cumulative update fails to install??? I’ve been trying to run KB3194798 update for my Windows 10 version 1607, but in vain.More
Fix   October 13, 2016