How to Fix Windows Live Mail Error Code 0x8007007A?

Whenever I try to send an email via Windows Live Mail, it throws me an error code 0x8007007A.More
Fix   October 03, 2016  

How to Fix Unable to Install Extensions on Microsoft Edge after Windows 10 Anniversary Update?

So I installed Windows 10 Anniversary Update. On the previous Windows 10 versions, I was using Microsoft Edge and got used to it.More
Fix   October 02, 2016  

How to Fix "Cortana is not available in your region" Bug on Windows 10?

Hi. I’m using Windows 10 Pro for about a half of the year.More
Fix   October 02, 2016  

How to Fix Missing “Open With” Option Bug on Windows 10?

Although I’m using Windows 10 OS for a month or more, I released that when I right-click on app, photo or any other item on PC, “open with” option is missing just now.More
Fix   October 01, 2016  

How to Fix Windows 10 Upgrade Error Code 0x80070070?

I want to install Windows 10 Anniversary Update, but it fails all the time by showing 0x80070070 error.More
Fix   September 30, 2016  

How to Fix Microsoft Outlook Error 0x800CCC92?

Hi. There is some kind of a problem with the Outlook on my PC.More
Fix   September 29, 2016  

How to Fix Boot Configuration Data File is Missing Error on Windows OS?

I‘m really fed up with Windows 10 OS. I upgraded to this version just a couple of days ago an what do you think, I‘m encountering a boot error.More
Fix   September 28, 2016  

How to Fix Your system is low on virtual memory Issue on Windows 10?

Please advice on how to increase virtual memory on Windows 10.More
Fix   September 27, 2016  


What should I do when a stop error saying SESSION3_INITIALIZATION_FAILED occurs on my screen?More
Fix   September 26, 2016  

How to fix "macOS Sierra failed to download" error?

When trying to download macOS Sierra upgrade from the Apple store I constantly get an error saying that "macOS Sierra failed to download” or “An error has occurred.” This happens in the middle of the download, and I can never properly finish the installation.More
Fix   September 26, 2016  

How to fix DRIVER_POWER_STATE_Failure 0x0000009F Error on Windows?

Need help in fixing DRIVER_POWER_STATE_Failure 0x0000009F. I’ve received this BSOD for more than ten times in one week! More
Fix   September 25, 2016  

How To Fix Igdkmd64.sys BSOD Error on Windows 10?

Please guys help me to get rid of BSOD that reports about igdkmd64.sys file error.More
Fix   September 24, 2016  

How to fix non-functioning sleep mode in Windows 10?

My PC won‘t go to sleep. This problem appeared after updating Windows.More
Fix   September 23, 2016  

How to fix PDF opening error on Windows 10?

Just like most Windows users, I upgraded my old OS to Windows 10.More
Fix   September 22, 2016  


I’ve upgraded to Windows 10 a couple of days ago and started receiving INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE BSOD from time to time.More
Fix   September 18, 2016