How to Fix Cummulative Windows 10 Update KB3189866 Stuck at 45%?

Do you know what the matter with KB3189866 cumulative Windows 10 update is?More
Fix   September 17, 2016  

How to Fix Windows 10 Upgrade Error Code 0x80200056?

I’m trying to install a preview build for Windows, but in vain.More
Fix   September 16, 2016  

How to Fix Windows 10 Installation Error Code 80240020?

I wanted to install Windows 10, but what happened is the error 80240020.More
Fix   September 15, 2016  

How to Fix BSOD Error Code 0x80060402?

Yesterday I tried to download Google Hangouts app and during the download process, an error code popped up reading “A username and password are being requested by
Fix   September 14, 2016  

How to fix KB3189866 update bug on Windows 10?

KB3189866 update on my Windows 10 get stuck on 45 or 95 percent and just won’t continue to install!More
Fix   September 14, 2016  

How to Fix Green and Purple Vidoes on Google Chrome?

Who knows why all videos, including the ones in Youtube and Facebook, are in green and purple overlay?More
Fix   September 13, 2016  

How to fix Windows update 0x800706d9 error?

I can‘t run Windows update. It stops midways saying that Windows update 0x800706d9 error occurred, and the process could not be completed.More
Fix   September 13, 2016  

How to Fix Windows 10 Stuck at Log In Screen?

So I updated Windows from 8.1 to 10 yesterday. Now when I put my laptop to sleep and wake it up after a while, it gets stuck at the spinning circle before the login screen.More
Fix   September 12, 2016  

How to Fix Wi-Fi Not Available Issue After Upgrading to Windows 10?

I’ve just upgraded to Win 10. Right after that, I have no Internet Connection and no Wi-Fi option.More
Fix   September 12, 2016  

How to Fix "The properties for this item are not available" on Windows?? (1)

Hello. Recently I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. However, after an upgrade some problems started to happen.More
Fix   September 12, 2016  

How to Fix the Issue with Constantly Refreshing Explorer.exe?

I recently upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. Everything seems OK in general, but one problem doesn’t let me to be calm.More
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How to Fix "Credential manager error" on Windows?

How to fix “Code 0x80070057.The parameter is incorrect” on Windows 10?More
Fix   September 12, 2016  

How to Fix DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (Epfwwfp.sys) Error on Windows?

Please tell me if it’s a serious problem to get BSOD when booting the laptop?More
Fix   September 11, 2016  

How to Fix SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (rtkvhd64.sys) BSOD on Windows?

I’m getting BSOD rtkvhd64.sys for several days and feel frustrated about it.. Each time it shows up, I have to force the system to restart because it freezes the screen and I can’t continue doing what I did before.More
Fix   September 10, 2016  

How to fix BSOD SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (win32kbase.sys) error?

Once in a while, my computer screen goes blue and I see this message that I need to restart my computer because win32kbase.sys error occurred.More
Fix   September 09, 2016