How to fix error 0x887A0006?


Issue: How to fix error 0x887A0006?

Hi. I am a frequent steam user and have been encountering trouble with some of my games. Whenever I try to access an app, for example, Apex Legends, the 0x887A0006 error code pops out. What type of error is that and how can I remove it?

Solved Answer

Error 0x887A0006 is a common problem that many gamers have been encountering while trying to run their apps. According to research, this error code has been mostly spotted on the Apex Legends game.[1] However, regarding users' reports, the problem keeps appearing on several apps constantly and it becomes crucial to fix error 0x887A0006.[2]

There is a big chance that the 0x887A0006 error code is related to some troubling NVIDIA[3] GPUs. People whoever encounter this type of problem when trying to launch a particular game, mostly receive this type or similar message:

“Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost. (Error: 0x887A0006 – 'HUNG')”

This mostly signals that something wrong is going on with the Graphical Processing Unite. However, there are some other possible causes for 0x887A0006 error such as the Origins game launched not having administrative powers, some registry entries missing, a damaged game folder, and similar.

If you are also the one to deal with this annoying error and cannot manage to regain proper access to your gaming apps, this article is for you. Below we have provided 4 different methods that might guide you towards the problem solving and help you to fix 0x887A0006 error on your Windows computer system.

Fix 0x887A0006 errorYou can try to eliminate error 0x887A0006 manually or automatically

How to fix error 0x887A0006?

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Our team has provided some popular methods for taking care of error 0x887A0006. Look at the following instructions and try each technique until your problem is gone. However, if somehow the error message still occurs while trying to access a particular game, you can perform a full system check-up with FortectMac Washing Machine X9 and get the chance of detecting the issue automatically.

Tip 1. Make changes to the Registry

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  • Hold the Windows key and R button together until a dialogue box shows up.
  • Type in “notepad” and hit Enter to run the application.
  • Once the Notepad window appears, type in a specific code: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    “TdrDelay”=hex(b):08,00,00,00,00,00,00,00 (for 64-bit Windows systems), or Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    “TdrDelay”=dword:00000008 (for 32-bot Windows systems). 0x887A0006 error fixFix error 0x887A0006 by making changes to some registry keys
  • Afterward, click on File –> Save As.
  • Type in the name and make sure that the file has the .reg appendix.
  • Hit Save.
  • Close your Notepad program and click on the .reg file you have created.
  • To continue, click Yes.
  • Reboot the system.

Tip 2. Launch Origins with administrative privileges

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According to some user reports, the error code was not appearing anymore after accessing the Origins application with administrative rights. In order to try to fix error 0x887A0006 on your Windows computer system, complete the following:

  • Find the Origins icon on the desktop and right-click on Origins.exe.
  • After that, aim for Properties –> Origin Properties.
  • Once you are there, enter the Compatibility section and make sure that the Run this program as an administrator option is selected.
  • Opt for Apply.

Tip 3. Reverse your GPU to some previous variant

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  • Hold the Windows button and R key until a run box appears.
  • Type “devmgmt.msc” and hit Enter.
  • Once Device Manager appears, select Yes to accept administrative powers.
  • Continuously, expand the drop-down list related to Display adapters. Fixing 0x887A0006 error codeReverse your GPU to its earlier version and get rid of error 0x887A0006
  • Furthermore, right-click on the name of your GPU and opt for Properties.
  • Then, visit the Driver tab and select Roll Back Driver.
  • Choose any type of reason and click Yes to complete the process.
  • Reboot your machine.

Tip 4. Manage the game via Origin

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In some cases, the error 0x887A0006 can appear due to a corrupted file or folder in the game. Check out if this is the problem that has been preventing you from properly launching the game and follow these steps:

  • Open Origins and locate My Game Library. Terminate 0x887A0006 error codeFix 0x887A0006 error code by repairing the game via Origins
  • Find and right-click Apex Legends (or any other trouble-causing game) and opt for Repair.
  • Wait until the entire process is finished (note that proper Internet connection and speed is required here).
  • Restart the machine.

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