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SpeedyPC ProSpeedyPC Pro review

SpeedyPC Pro from ParetoLogic Inc. is an innovative software that can help users fix computer errors, optimize Windows registry, and boost overall speed andperformance. This software utility uses a bundle of built-in tools for cleaning registry errors, detecting/removing malware, deactivating unwanted errors, cleaning clutters, removing privacy files, improving speed (start up), optimizing memory, removing unnecessary/corrupted add-ons, and so on. According to the developers, it is primarily targeted at removing malware (spyware, trojans, keyloggers, dialers, adwares, rogueware, etc.), which may cause the majority of the problems, including information leakage, slowdowns, further infections, etc. In order to detect them, SpeedyPC Pro is set to check Active Process via Task Manager and monitor the emergence of new processes continuously. Furthermore, this tool is used for scanning and fixing Windows registry, which is a complicated database of program files. Unfortunately, the database usually consists of both necessary and outdated/useless/ corrupted files that belong to the useless/malicious programs or the ones that are long gone from the system. SpeedyPC Pro registry fix leads to the stability, smooth performance, speed and other improvements. Besides, this tool will also help to deal with junk, which is created over time and starts affecting PC’s speed and performance sooner or later.

SpeedyPC Pro also ensures safe backup of important files, including photos, documents, videos, etc., allows sharing and recovering them, thus ensuring the protection of your privacy. It is also programmed in the way to remove and protect privacy files, such as cookies that will cause privacy leakage or even identity theft. Another great feature of this tool is file defragmentation which helps to optimize the memory of the system and recall files faster. All in all, SpeedyPC Pro is an all-in-one tool for fixing, optimizing and maintaining PC’s memory, performance and speed. The latest version is SpeedyPC Pro 3.0. Free trial version is available at the official website and other download sources. The full license for one computer that lasts 2 years costs $49.97. Th price varies from the amount of the license users (up to five) and term of expiration.

So, why should I select SpeedyPC Pro?

Windows system is a complex set of devices, files, registries, and other important components. However, it’s performance reduce to the minimum over time if the system is not maintained appropriately. SpeedyPC Pro minimalistic design and large supply of system tools will help you to find all system errors and fix them just by one click. SpeedyPC Pro’s system scans are set on a schedule and will perform everything automatically. The program itself will not affect PC’s performance, except during the time of a full scan; however, once you start using it, you will notice lots of positive outcomes, such as increased speed, better performance, more free memory space, quick start up, and so on. All in all, SpeedyPC Pro is one of those apps that you should install and use permanently.

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