Adobe released more security patches again: make sure you install them on time

It’s no secret that Adobe Flash Player and other Adobe’s products are the top hacking targets in the world because they all make it to the most widely used software in the world list, so the developers keep releasing various security patches for Adobe products regularly. Recently, Adobe has released a total of 42 of essential updates for Adobe Flash, Acrobat and Reader programs. Some of these updates are meant to patch critical vulnerabilities that could allow attackers exploit the software and execute malicious codes on a target computer remotely. Computer users are advised to install these updates immediately as they can help to lower the probability of a ransomware attack. Installing updates as soon as they are released is of significant importance, especially when viruses like Cerber or Locky are continuously on the hunt for new unsuspecting victims. Research shows that users tend to install essential updates only 4-6 weeks after their release date, and that is an incredibly long time period, which confers an advantage to cyber criminals. The victim can get infected if he accidentally visits a compromised Internet site and gets redirected to a site that contains an exploit kit. The exploit kit is a set of tools that checks if the victim is using an outdated version of certain software, and if so, inserts and executes a malicious code into it to get access to the device remotely.

Updates that were released recently target 29 vulnerabilities in Adobe Acrobat and Reader both for Windows and Mac OS users, and 13 vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player for Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS. Updates patch security holes that could easily give attackers access to private victim’s information, control of the system, or permission to execute code on the target system. Users are advised to install the latest Adobe updates immediately to prevent attackers from exploiting these critical vulnerabilities of outdated software. It is a very easy thing to do – we have prepared short tutorials on how to update Adobe products correctly. Below, we provide guides on how to update Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat.

How to update Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat properly?

  1. Open Adobe Reader/Acrobat.
  2. Click on Help, then select Check for Updates.
  3. When Updater window appears on your computer screen, read instructions that it provides carefully and install the latest available updates.

How to Update Adobe Flash Player correctly?

  1. To update Adobe Flash Player, visit the official Adobe website and download the latest version of Flash Player from there.
  2. Before you click the “Install Now” button, deselect optional offers suggested to you.

NOTE. Remember that you should never install updates from vague third-party websites! If you want to update a certain program, find its developers official website, go there, and find the update that you need. Installing updates from unverified sources can lead to sad consequences, for example, a ransomware attack.

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