How recovery my .meds file data any software

How recovery my .meds file data any software

My PC effected in October 2019. So I want to recover my data such as my jpg my video mkv PDF

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    2-19-20 says:

    Meds ransomware belongs to the Djvu family, which is currently the most widespread when it comes to home users. Note that this malware spreads via pirated software installers, so it is important not to visit torrent, warez, or other sites that offer illegal programs or cracks.

    As for .meds files ls recovery, you can check the instructions we provide in our How to recover files encrypted by Meds ransomware? article.

    You should first backup the encrypted files (copy to USB or virtual storage drives like OneDrive), remove Meds ransomware infection with anti-malware software, and only then proceed with file recovery.

    You should try the methods listed in our article, although you can also employ Emsisoft's Djvu decryption tool that, in some cases, may help users recover their files.

    Download Emsisoft Decryptor for STOP Djvuand see if it helps.

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