How to Create and Use Password Reset Disk on Windows 10?



Issue: How to Create and Use Password Reset Disk on Windows 10?

I have lots of different accounts, including social media, email accounts, various online blogs and shopping sites, etc. The problem is that I often forget passwords. Yes, I tried to type the down somewhere, but sometimes I’m required to change the password and then forget to write it down. A problem. I’m a little bit afraid to forget my Windows account password, but I’ve heard that there is a way to reset it, isn’t it? Please let me know is it possible to do so?

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Try to imagine how would you feel if your Windows 10 PC would get locked because you forgot your Microsoft account password? Or, for example, you forgot to turn off Caps Lock or enable Num Lock, which is why you entered the wrong password for many times and went beyond the permissible number of attempts? Now you see “The referenced account is currently locked out and may not be logged on to” notification on the login screen and cannot do anything else except to reboot the system, which leads to nowhere except the same login screen? This scenario typically happens on computers that belong to the domain and the domain controller has modified the Account lockout threshold policy. BUT, PCs belonging to the domains. Usually, work PCs are a part of the domain, so locking the work PC is the worst experience ever, especially when the controller who is responsible for the Account lockout threshold configuration cannot be reached soon.

In this case, tech-support specialists often recommend a drastic method, which is to format Windows OS. However, there is a much better solution – to prevent Microsoft from locking you out of your account by creating a Password Reset Disk. By taking this precautionary measure you will be able to feel safe all the time because you will always have your password on a hand. To recover your Windows 10 login password, you will need to have a USB drive or SD card. Once you are ready, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Plug USB drive or SD card into your PC and press Win key + S.
  2. Type User accounts and click on the search results.
  3. Select Create a password reset disk and press Next.
  4. Open a drop-down menu and select the USB or SD that you are going to use for password reset storage.
  5. Press Next and wait while the process is being executed.
  6. Click Finish and make sure to keep the USB or SD card in a safe place.

If you forget your password and locked your Windows account, the find the USB or SD card on which the password reset file is kept and plug it into your PC. Then follow these steps:

  1. Select Reset password and click Next.
  2. Open the drop-down menu and select the device on which the Password Reset file is stored.
  3. Click Next and type in your new password.
  4. Then repeat your new password and a hint that could help you to remember it in case you would forget it again.
  5. Click Finish and that’s it! Not you will be able to log in to your Windows account successfully.

NOTE: don’t forget to create Password Reset Disk each time when you change your Windows account password.

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