How to Find Forgotten iPhone Backup Password on MacBook?

How to Find Forgotten iPhone Backup Password on MacBook?

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    Layla Stevens says:
    Many days ago, I backed up my iPhone 6s to my MacBook using the iTunes application and encrypted the iPhone backup with a password. Now the problem is, I forgot to note down the password somewhere and now I can't remember the password, so I can't restore my iPhone backup. Is there an easy and quick way to find lost iPhone backup password on a MacBook? Please let me know if there is such a way. I shall be very grateful.
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    Logan Reynolds says:
    Mac OS ships with Keychain application, which can store various passwords for website, email account, iPhone backup, etc. If you forget iPhone backup password on a MacBook, you can first go to the Keychain Access to look for the iPhone backup password. Here is how.

    1. Open the Keychain Access. To do that, you can first open Finder, and then click Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access.
    2. In the Keychain Access window that opens, select the Login tab on the top-left, so you can see a list of websites and applications in the right-side pane that use Keychain Access to store login information. Look for the ''iPhone Backup'' item from the list, and double click it if found.
    3. After you double click the iPhone Backup showed in the list, select Attributes and then check the ''Show password'' checkbox in the next window that opens.
    4. Type the login Keychain password and then click Allow. By default, the ''login'' keychain password is your Mac OS user login password.
    5. If the entered ''login'' keychain password is right, you will be back to the previous window and can see the iPhone backup password is shown in the plain text field next to ''Show Password''.

    However, Keychain won’t automatically store your iPhone backup password unless you check the ''Remember this password in my keychain'' checkbox when you encrypt your iPhone backup. If you did not check that checkbox, you can’t find your iPhone backup password in Keychain Access. If this is the case, to make it possible to find forgotten iPhone backup password on a MacBook, you have to use a third-party application. Here is how.

    1. Have this ''iTunes Password Refixer for Mac'' applicaiton installed on your MacBook, and then launch it.
    2. Import your iPhone backup file into this application, by the Open File button in the top right.
    3. Select one attack type depending on your case.
    4. Click the Start button in the lower right to start discovering your iPhone backup password.
    5. If you have everything set up correctly, your iPhone backup password would be recovered and displayed in a pop-up window.
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    9-27-17 says:
    Dear visitor,

    We have prepared a guide on how to recover files deleted from Mac. Hopefully, one of the provided options will help you to “undelete” files that were removed:

    Good luck! team.

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