How to Fix a Hacked Facebook Account?

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Issue: How to Fix a Hacked Facebook Account?

I cannot enter my Facebook account as it says “wrong password,” though checked it several times. I suspect that it might be hacked. Do you have any solutions for that?

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Facebook has rapidly grown into a network used by millions of users worldwide. Naturally, it was only a matter of time when it would be targeted by felons. There have been already several attempts to corrupt the network. Even Locky developers launched a massive campaign against users by spreading an infected .svg file or .jpeg. Several months ago Facebook video virus dashed through the network. Millions of users took the bait after opening the video with their name and profile picture on it. Following it, Facebook suspension virus was released to persuade victims to validate their account by clicking a corrupted link. The cases of hacked accounts vary and, naturally, applicable countermeasures are different as well. After you scan your device with Reimage, use the following guidelines.

Option 1. Recover the account using Facebook Help Center

  1. Enter the following link:
  2. Click Your account has been compromised and type the required information.
  3. You might be presented with several suggested accounts. Pick the right one.
  4. Enter the old password and implement the reset instructions.
  5. The email address is likely to be different than yours so click No longer have access to these? button.
  6. Type your email address and the account recovery procedure will start. You should be able to access your lost account within 24 hours.

Precaution tips

If you are able to enter your account and want to check whether it has not been accessed by third parties, end suspicious activities by entering Account Settings, Security, and Active Sessions. Click End Activity on each suspicious entry. Lastly, change your password once in every few months or more often if you regard it necessary. Make a long phrase comprised of characters and numbers. Add your telephone number and additional security questions to recover the hacked accounts faster in the case of a hijack. Lastly, remove any unwanted and suspicious applications from the account.

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