How to fix Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook Error?

How to fix Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook Error?

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    6-26-19 says:

    Cannot start Microsoft Outlook error can occur out of nowhere and due to various reasons. The bug can be resolved, but you need to learn about particular reason and possible issues.

    The first possible reason or the trigger that causes this Outlook error is corrupted XML file or Navigation Settings folder. You can check the size of this file and when it is 0kb it means the file is compromised.

    You can see the error due to the outdated Microsoft Outlook program or when the account is old. Keep the application up-to-date.

    Any interruption while reinstalling programs, particularly with Outlook files can cause these issues. You can repair Outlook data via Windows Explorer and repair tools.

    You can automatically check for all those issues and fix them if you scan the machine using a system tool or anti-malware program. The software that can check the system issues can also repair Windows files and fix other errors.

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