How to Update Apps on Mac OS?


Issue: How to Update Apps on Mac OS?

Hello, I got MacBook as a present, so I am completely new to Mac POS. How do I update apps?

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Updating Apps on Mac OS has several key important aspects. Firstly, it maintains proper operation not only of individual applications but also contributes to the overall efficiency of the operating system.

Secondly, updates often help to solve frustrating bugs. The third and the most important aspect is that updates help you maintain protection against cyber threats. Mac OS users should not be too naive thinking that they are safe from virtual threats.

Indeed, they may have an advantage over Windows OS users regarding this matter, but analysis reveals that the number of ransomware designed specifically for the former operating system is gradually increasing. Here we provide a couple of options how you can update your all your Mac apps simultaneously. Update Apps on MacOS

Option 1. Review apps with a single command

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Using the Terminal app, you can perform this task without additional preparations or effort.

  1. Open the Terminal application.
  2. Copy and paste the following entry: softwareupdatel
  3. When the command finds programs which need to be updated, enter the following command: sudo softwareupdate -ia –verbose
  4. You will be required to enter your password.
  5. Then you can follow the process of all updated applications.

Option 2. Update your apps on iOS

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Older versions required users’ manual updating. Luckily, it is not difficult. You only need to enter App Store and select Update function. Since iOS 7, the system programs are configured to update themselves automatically.

Option 3. Renew third-party apps

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Automatic updates only apply to native applications so you need to meddle with them one by one or you might use a workaround – AppFresh. This utility is specifically devised for updating all third party apps, preference panes, and widgets.

Though the software is itself being updated, poor rating reveals that the application still needs major improvements in order to function flawlessly.

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