.pptx ransomware encrypted my files. Help!

i have the pptx encrpted files from the infamous Globelmposter ransomware. went to a site to download a decrypter and it said on the installation that i have to have an original file that hasn’t been affected by this and one that is encrypted. I got rid of the malware virus by copying a text and running it as all programs in windows resource kits and running command prompt as administrator and after it scrolled down over a lengthy time I ran Malwarebytes to get rid of it and other malware and ran the scan again and it showed that I had no malicious infections. But I still havn’t been able to decrypt the PPTX encrypted files. Still looking for a decrypter that will do this. Any suggestions ? I wouldn’t mind waiting for up to a month and a half. But if I can’t find a solution I will make a big list of everything that I have and do a 35 pass shred and a slow reformat of all my drives and try to get again what I have lost. By the way’ you look real pretty in your black and white picture. Any help that you can give would be greatly appreciated.

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    UGetFix.com says:
    Dear user,

    unfortunately, the virus is still undecryptable and there is no information when will security experts manage to develop a tool that could help recover files encrypted by .Pttx ransomware. Fortunately, you can always try third-party tools from this guide: https://www.2-spyware.com/remove-pptx-ransomware.html. These tools can help you recover at least some of the encrypted data.

    Be sure that you take this lesson seriously and start taking care of backups. To make sure that your most important data is safe and can be restored when needed, always save it in three locations: your computer, an external hard drive, and the cloud. It is the best way to prevent such losses like this one.

    Best regards,
    Ugetfix team

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