What is a Hard Drive Crash?

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Issue: What is a Hard Drive Crash?

I can’t load my computer any longer and I don’t know what is the problem. Is there a way to figure out is there something wrong with my Windows OS or my hardware?

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Hard Drive Crash snapshot

An operating system crash and hard drive crash is not the same thing. The crash of your OS is the result of a logical failure, whereas the crash of the hard drive is the physical failure. Even though your information may not be instantly accessible, it is still possible to retrieve it. In order to avoid data loss, you should always backup your files. However, if you have not done it this time and you suspect that your hard drive is crashing, there is still one more solution to try.

What causes the Crash

So first of all, you need to know whether the crash results from a physical or a logical failure. If the failure is logical, the computer will fail to boot the operating system. However, physical failure may also result in computer’s inability to boot the OS. However, if you hear weird noises coming from your computer, this may signify that the failure is of the physical nature. You may hear grinding, clicking or whirring noise. If you do, stop trying to reboot your system.

Physical hard drive failure

As we have already mentioned, the noise is the best indication that the failure is physical. If that’s definitely not the sound emitted by the cooling fan, you are dealing with the physical failure. Your information is still intact and the hard drive is still functioning, you may still try to get an image of the drive of copy it to a new drive, even though it is quite risky. You may not know what will be the last straw that will make your hard drive crash irreparably. The best thing for you to do is to put it into another system and recover the data from the drive using Data Recovery Pro.

If the retrieval has been successful, you may now buy a new hard drive, reinstall the OS as well as other programs. As much as computers have advanced, the hard drive is still one of the most vulnerable parts of the hardware.

Logical Hard Drive Failure

A logical failure happens when the hard drive is OK, but it is still impossible for you to load the system. This might be caused by various reasons. It may be a virus, a system drive conflict, human error or simply a system malfunction. In this case, if you want to recover your data, you should refrain from reinstalling Windows or using amateur system tools. Take advantage of a reliable data recovery solution like Data Recovery Pro and think of using a backup the next time.

Recover files and other system components automatically

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