Bancor’s security breach involved 12 million stolen tokens

Blockchain company dealt with hacking attack and security breach involving cryptocurrency . More
News   July 12, 2018  

Samsung texting app secretly sending users’ photos to random contacts

Bug in the Samsung texting app sends Gallery photos to random users. More
News   July 03, 2018  

Red Alert 2.0 Android Trojan launches yet another attack

Previously known threat Red Alert 2.0 Android Trojan strikes again. More
News   June 27, 2018  

Fortnite’s fake version installs malware on Android devices

Hackers are eager to make use of Fortnite's craze - have been pushing the fake Android version. More
News   June 19, 2018  

R.I.P Yahoo Messenger: the service will be discontinued on July

Yahoo instant messaging app will be discontinued after two decades. More
News   June 13, 2018  

Adobe Flash Zero-day vulnerability detected: Patch right now!

Another Adobe Flash Zero-day vulnerability discovered. Cyber criminals found a new trick to use Adobe Flash to launch malicious attacks.More
News   June 11, 2018  

DNA testing company MyHeritage exposes data of 92 million users

MyHeritage is informed about the cybersecurity incident which occurred back in October 2017. More
News   June 06, 2018  

2018 FIFA World Cup: how to avoid email scams

Users should be aware of an increase in FIFA World Cup scams. More
News   June 04, 2018  

Canadian banks suffered from data breach: 90,000 clients’ data stolen

Two Canadian banks got hacked: 90,000 customer’s information has been stolen. More
News   May 30, 2018  

Facebook 2FA: no longer requires phone number, learn how to set it up

You no longer need to hand your phone number to set Facebook 2FA . More
News   May 28, 2018  

Roaming Mantis expands and embeds iOS phishing and mining scripts

Android malware now has evolved and uses 27 different languages. More
News   May 24, 2018  

Infected Google Play apps are targeting North Korean defectors

RedDawn authors are targeting North Korean victims using Messenger. More
News   May 22, 2018  

New wave of phishing emails targets Netflix users

Crooks are using advanced phishing email writing techniques to steal people's credit card details. More
News   May 16, 2018  

The popularity of EternalBlue exploit keeps growing

EternalBlue exploit is more popular than it was a year ago. More
News   May 14, 2018  

“Self-destructing” Signal messages are kept live on Mac version

Not all messages sent through Signal are destructed. In the wake of data breach scandals, keeping your online privacy secure is one of the most important things nowadays.More
News   May 10, 2018